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Blood Bath - Season 1 - Episode 33
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Yea you are right, but I learnt a few things from uncle Neil, I can always redirect our GPS.

Hmm be safe do not blow our cover, though this place look stuffy and old, I still appreciate it to running up and down for safety snow purred with her tiny voice, and I smiled.


Working under daddy’s tutorage was fascinating, I was getting strong and swift, I felt blood running through my veins, and my muscles contracting under my skin.

One hot afternoon, I was back from school, I have since stopped hanging out with Paul, because he was a friend to Cal, I always see him and Rita, but never say a word to them.

I have grown to be so mean and quiet, I barely talk to anyone, everyone at school thought it was because of the death of Cal, but hell I hate it that they think like that, only if they knew the hate and grudges I nursed for the dead soul.

My frown at the boys and girls at school, was really because they were all rich, and because my mum died in the hands of the rich that caused my father to serve a term at gaol, I developed hatred for them.

No friend I was a-lone wolf.

I sat totally bored of the things that displayed on the HD TV, I stood up to go to my room, I logged on my laptop, and did search the web, I did come across something that made me too look in the Henry’s Family Company, I didn’t know why, but I kept on digging, until I hit a shocking revelation.

Mr Henry did not kill my Mom, he was deceived by someone.

Dad must see this, we have all been blinded for so long, I regretted my actions, and I asked the dead soul of Cal my beloved to Forgive me.

I will surely deal with that son of a b---h I cursed.

After about an hour, I heard a Car pulled up in front of my grand pa’s house, I had stopped what I was doing on the Laptop to check, and through the blinds, I saw the Chinese Man, exiting the car and coming towards the main house.

By now Smart and Snow have made themselves comfortable, they were both watching a show on TV, I was able to gather a few leads from hive.

The expected knock came through the door, and I stepped forward to open it.

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