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Blood Bath - Season 1 - Episode 32
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(Love, School and Training)?��

After Sheriff told me they’ve got eyes on the boy,I had told him it was fine and asked him to bring me the stimulant.

After a while I had resolve to going to China myself to observe things.

And just in time I had saw them exiting the tunnel Sheriff has directed me I took a clean shot at the boy through the windscreen, even though it did not meet him, I was happy at the result, Neil was out of the picture, I kept on shooting till the dude on the wheel finally maneuver his way.

Now I am back to Vernica, Lisa had shown tremendous improvement on her training, I watched her grow and she grew stronger by the day.

The final phase of the destructive nuclear weapon has been concluded by the 7, they will soon come down to Vernica to join in retrieving the stimulant.

I picked up the phone to receive the caller, it was an hidden ID.

This is Agent Grayson on the line, I am very sure I am speaking with Cal Henry!
Yes Sir, how can I help you sir I said as I recognized who he was, he was a Senior Agent in the China Intelligence Bureau (CIB) Where Uncle Neil worked under the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) department, he was the best man they had.

You Should know me, I am sorry for the death of Agent Neil, I will be coming down to Vernica at once, this mission has become the CIB’s business, Following the loss of Agent Neil, the general has assigned me to come complete the mission and help you out, even when the mission started with Just the both of you.

Thank you very much sir, I said.

Don’t thank me, see you in Vernica.
When I dropped the call, the guys had both stare at me with a quizzical look on their face.
Oh it is the CIB, you know uncle neil was a CIB, so following his death the CIB has become interested in saving the world.

Whoa that’s a good sign Smart said.
Hmm But can we trust them?? Snow asked.
I really don’t know Snow but we have to place our hope high.

Yea so where are we starting from?

I think I will search for a few leads and hack into Hive’s Databases I said as I log on the Laptop I secured from Uncle Neil’s
Hmm won’t that be very risky?? Smart asked, they might know someone is hacking their system and try to trace it.

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