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Blinkered - Season 1 - Episode 5
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over the phone to her anytime they have offended him to save himself the stress
“So … my sweet big brother, don’t be angry with us ehn!”

Jerry didn’t hear all his mother said, he wasn’t even angry with them in the first place, he saw no use for the long explanation and pampering. Left for his mother, she could go on and on.

“Sister mummy, it’s ok o,” he interrupted her “Am not angry at all. Hope you people are enjoying your new abode? Mummy don’t you miss your friends? What about your business?”
He could hear his dad chuckling in the background. The phone must definitely be on loudspeaker as always. He knew his parents must right now be laying on a sofa enjoying moon light rays outside, they do that every night.
“l told you we left this town when you were barely two dear, this is home for us. I’ve been a bit used to this place before now. And you remember…?”

“Professor Abuh, daddy’s best friend and his wife, who is also your best friend too” he interjected completing her statement
“Exactly dear, you know one friend can mean the whole world to someone” she said.

Jerry tittered as he pondered briefly on his mother’s last phrase but readjusted when his father’s boisterous voice came up again
“Take care of yourself my boy and do daddy proud. You are gradually accomplishing my life’s dream of becoming a legal practitioner ”
Jerry imagined the proud look on his father’s face right now which could be felt in his voice. He blushed unconsciously as his dad’s normal encouraging sermon came over and over. He just hoped this call will end soon.

The door creaked and he was startled by who stepped into his room. He probably was engrossed that he didn’t hear the knocks earlier. He was however shocked and surprised at who came, he wasn’t expecting anyone anymore this evening seeing his time was past 8.
“AMEN Dad” he answered almost absent-mindedly and ended the ‘forever call’. His parents don’t call him often, but won’t mind talking about the world anytime they do. He enjoys it though, but that’s not important right now, someone is in here

“Gracey, good evening,” he said approaching her. Grace already offered herself a seat and was busy going through one of his legal journals she picked up from his table while he stood close to the window making the long parental call. Grace, looked rather too at-home for a first time visit. That, instead of bothering Jerry made his mind a bit calm, “at least she wouldn’t be this relaxed if something was wrong with Tonia” he thought within him.

Grace dropped the journal and sat up on the bed as Jerry sat on the chair in front of her. She looked ravishing tonight, her light make-up particularly added more beauty to her smooth brown face as a big golden pin held her hair neatly to the right. Jerry was too concerned about why she came that he didn’t even compliment. ‘This guy must have eyes only for Tonia’, Grace thought, before opening her mouth to talk

“Jerry, am sorry for barging in on you at this time. l didn’t plan to… but l had to… It’s just that…” She started slowly

“Hope nothing is wrong with Tonia” Jerry couldn’t help asking, her pace made him more impatient, worry written all over his face
Grace smiled nodding her head in the affirmative “Nothing is wrong with her Jerry. In fact she was in the room having some romantic time with Ben when l left.” She replied with sarcasm

Jerry swallowed
“Jerry, l missed you” Grace voiced out invitingly.

Jerry felt like a demon knocked him. He thought he heard a wrong thing. His eyeballs popped out as he looked at Grace blankly, surprise mixed with utter confusion. She ignored his facial expression, it took her a lot of effort to get here, she must get to the end.

“Yes l do, Jerry. Don’t get me wrong,” she straightened up “l know you are very much in love with Tonia. All the while you both were together, l saw how you practically adored her. You came to the room every day and you both had swell time together. l was satisfied with just one thing… the fact that l get to see you every day… that was OK for me” she gazed firmly into his eyes, her lips were moist as she moved them slowly, Jerry felt jittery at first but he had to man up. And he did.

“But ever since she broke up with you, and you stopped coming to the house, l have always wished to still see you that often” she continued.

Jerry took a deep breath and turned his face away from her, trying to distract himself from her stern gaze that came like arrows fired at him
“l love her!…”

“l know! But she has moved on… Moved on with Ben” Grace announced without blinking her eyes
Jerry swallowed again bitterly, the atmosphere was becoming too tensed for him, his normally cool room now felt really hot. He stood up and walked back to the window.

“Yea, unfortunately!, l already figured she has moved on, it’s well though. But If she is happy where she is, that’s the most important thing right now.” He tried to wipe the sweat already streaming over his face. He could feel internal heat, his heart bled that he lost the best thing he gave his all to keep. He cherished Tonia from deep within him and the mere thought of her being with another man drives him almost to the point of tears.

Grace stood up, adjusted the golden tummy-belt she wore on her knee-length red floral dress and swiftly moved to where Jerry was standing. He turned quickly to face her. She held his hand with one hand, and placed the other hand on his jaw picking his trimmed beards carefully. Her cologne filled the whole room. Jerry didn’t understand what was happening, his broken self looked frightened before Grace as her attractive small eyeballs pierced leeringly at him, they carried deep emotions, they were truly sultry…

“l l-o-v-e y-o-u, J-e-r-r-y” Grace said seductively
Jerry’s heart skipped a beat.

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