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Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 11
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“why are you running murderer, are you
afraid? Hahhahahahaha” I asked him in the
cave. He didn’t reply me as an expression of
fear and surprise was seen written all over
his face. Maybe he is surprise that i actually
followed him to the cave of protection.
“answer me Emperor murderer” I shouted.
“see choosen one, i am not a murderer and
didn’t murder your parents. You have been
deceived greatly” He said. “don’t tell me
that!!!” I shouted at him and ran towards
him with my sword to attack him but he
quickly blocked my sword with his. “i am not
a murderer!” He shouted still blocking my
sword with his.

I didn’t reply him as i pushed him down
with my sword setting myself free from his
blockage. I ran to him immediately he fell
down to strike him but he did a Chinese get
up,regained his balance and the fight
continued. His moves were very swift and
attacks were strong and heavy but i tried to
weave all his attacks.
I had an opportunity in eliminating him in
the fight but he didn’t die when i tried to kill

I stroke him with my sword at his back but
it couldn’t penetrate.

I changed the sword to super-mode and
stroke him but nothing happened.
I became disappointed and weak.
My target took that as an advantage and
was giving me serious beating.
He was on top of me dishing blows when i
closed my eyes and passed out.
I immediately saw my master in form of a

“Darlington get up now and look for a way
to take him out of the cave of protection or
he won’t die! No one can die in that cave! If
you fail to take him outside, two of you will
fight for eternity without a loser nor a
winner. Now rise!!!” He shouted and i felt
new and fresh power surge through me.
I opened my eyes and saw the man still
dishing me blows. What a wicked man? He
thought i have died.
He was surprised when he saw me opened
my eyes but i didn’t care.
I pushed him off me and stood up.
I started calculating how i will take him
outside the cave.
I looked at him and saw that he was
standing at the entrance probably
calculating how to get me too. “it’s now or
never!” I said in my mind as i quickly
channeled my super-powers and gave him a
super-spear with great speed(within a
I speared him outside the cave
through the entrance and we both landed
outside. .

He stood up and was trying to run back into
the cave but i stopped him and we started
fighting again. It was a fierce battle
between us and i could presume he was the
strongest among all his brothers whom i
have fought. He gave me a super-punch and
i flew above the ground and landed far from
him. He started running towards me to
eliminate me and i was also doing so. When
we were near eachother, he rose his sword
to strike me but i was more faster than him
as i cut him with mine and he fell down. He
died, the emperor died.

Immediately he gave up, there were flashes
of lightening and thunder in the whole of
Rome. How had the mighty fallen???

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