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Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Nicholas was highly disappointed when he
was told that there is not going to be any
available flight to Jerusalem till the next two
days. .


“what will i do now???”
“should i sit down and wait for death like
my elder brother?”

All this thoughts were ringing in my memory
when an idea crossed my mind. I decided to
lodge in an hotel to wait for the my flight.
I decided not to go back home.
“who knows? He(choosen one) can come
and give me my own share of the large cake
today” I said to myself. .


Robin could be seen searching everywhere,
he was probably looking for something. .
He searched and searched, at last he found
it in his secret chamber inside his room. It
was a round sparkling white piece of stone.

“The ancient magic stone”
The ancient magic stone is a very powerful
substance. Not just an ordinary stone. It was
formulated by the ancient gods.

By then, Elmer was still a young god.
The gods like and cherish him because of
his respect for them.

So, one day they asked him to make any
wish and they will grant it for him as a

Elmer being a wise god, requested for the
magic stone.

Eventhough the gods were annoyed with
his request, they still gave him the treasure
because they have promised him.

Robin took the stone, went to his throne
and sat down looking up at the ceiling in a

strange manner.
“i am patiently awaiting your coming,
choosen one” He said still looking at the
ceiling with the stone by his side.


“you will be targeting Nicholas this night. He
is a very powerful and brave man, you will
Need to be extra careful” My master told me,
dropped a piece of note on the old table and

I picked the note and looked at it.
Normally a details on my mission.
Target: Nicholas Elmer
Location: Juvile Street, Rome.
Date: 17th January 2014.

Hmm, i see. All my parent’s murders are
siblings. Am actually coming for you guys
but the fact that my master had the surname
with you guys is still confusing me even
though he explained, i don’t believe that his
explanation” I said to myself.
“no time to waste” I said and touched the
star on my wrist.
I immediately found myself in my target’s

I walked to his residence and found out that
the gate to his compound was locked.
I scanned the whole compound and
discovered he was not around.
I waited for an hour more but he didn’t
show up.
I went back to the jungle and told my
master. From his facial expression, i could
tell that he was not happy with the
“in that case, change of subject of formulae
will occur” He said which confused me.
“what did you mean master?” i asked.
“change of target. Your target now should
be ROBIN, THE EMPEROR” he said which
shocked me.
“huh? How??? Why?? I mean is the Emperor
great Rome also involved in the killing of my
parents?” I asked him out of surprise.
“yes boy, he is also my……………oh sorry i mean
their brother” He told me which made me
looked at him with a suspicious
eye. “ok but why will the Emperor kill my
dad?” I asked.
“and that’s what i don’t know” He said and
No need showing me the location because i
know there.
I quickly touched the star in my hand and
found myself at the compound. I didn’t want
to touch the security guards.

So, i just appeared in his house direct to see
him sitting in the throne with a white round
sparkling stone by his side. .

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