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Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Robin and Nicholas got home and started
thinking on what to do. They were very
confused and afraid.
“what does father mean by what he said
that there is nothing we can do?” Nicholas
asked which made his brother got angry.
“tell me brother, what did you not
understand in that Statement, is it the word
(there is nothing) or the word(you can do).
Tell me which one you didn’t understand
and i will explain for you” Robin shouted at
“so, we are gonna stay here and watch
ourselves murdered by Malcolm through the
choosen one?” Nicholas shouted back.
“i don’t know, just leave me alone brother!”
Robin said in tiredness.
“wait, i think i have an idea!” Nicholas
shouted after some thoughts.

*****NEXT MORNING*****

I was already awake before my master, the
man was still snoring loudly on his old rafia

I quickly looked at the old wall clock hanging
on the wall and it was 4:00am.
I went outside and everywhere was still
dark but i
was not a bit afraid.
Who or what can scare Darlington???
“today, one murderer must go down” I said
fully determined to bring down all those
who killed my parents. I started my training
for the mission ahead.

“yeaaa!!” I shouted as i Jumped very high
and gave the long palm tree near our home
a very strong kick. .

“Nicholas, i have thought about what you
told me yesterday evening and my decision

is quite clear” The emperor told his brother.
“so, what is your decision blood?” Nicholas

“i disagree with you, i can’t leave this Empire
because of a mere threat…….” Robin
declared. “brother, you call this a threat?”
Nicholas asked him smiling.
“hey Nicho” He called in short form.
“whatever you call it, i had taken my
decision and i had taken it. Nothing can
make me change it. I am not leaving this
Empire period!” He shouted standing up
from the throne to face his smiling brother. .
“ok, no problem. You can stay here and
watch yourself being destroyed by the
choosen one. As for me, i will start
processing my visa, i am leaving Rome today
or tommorow” Nicholas shouted back
looking at him with a smile on his face.
“you can go brother, go to Jerusalem,
Europe. Anywhere you like but i can’t. I am
the Emperor of Rome. I am a god and won’t
be feared or shaken by a threat” Robin
boasted after his brother had left.

“Darlington. Hmmm, i can see you are
preparing for your mission. I must accolade
you for that” My master said immediately he
got outside.

I think he must have woken up by the
kicking sounds of my training.
I kept silent as i continued my training.
He just keep on praising me but i refused to
say a word.
“i will give you the details of your mission
later in the evening” He shouted and walked
back into the house when he knew i am not
going to answer him


Nicholas was seen heading to the airport. He
had went for a visa that will enable him take
a flight out of Rome.
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not encouraging.

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