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Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 6
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There is something telling me not to trust
that man.

I am already having a bad feeling about him.
I dived into the forest that evening to hunt
some animals for my supper.
“wow! An
Antelope. Sorry Mr. Antelope, am so hungry
and man got to chew” I Said as i dashed
towards it. The scared antelope ran very fast
but who or what is faster than Darlington? I
caught it in just a minute due to my super-

“dear antelope, like i had said before.
Man got to eat” I said as i took the dead
antelope and ran home with my super
speed. .
“hmm, let me dry my meat and enjoy!” I said
trying to mock my hungry master.
“Darlington please dry that meat fast, let me
eat or i will die now” He shouted. “and
what’s wrong if you die?” I shouted back.
“so you want me to die??” He asked.
I didn’t reply him as i continued roasting my

“food is ready” I exclaimed as i started
munching on my roasted meat. Before i
could say “Jack” my master had joined me
eating as if he was the owner of the meat.
After a while, we had finished eating and i
was relaxing when my master spoke.
“so, when are you going on the mission?”
He asked me.
“tommorow night, i strike” I told him.
“no problem, so far you eliminate him” He
“Ok, thank you master”
“you are welcome boy” He replied.


Nicholas and Robin drove their royal horse
to the temple.

Even though vehicles were available, they
had to ride on a horse because it is
forbidden by the Romans to go into the
scared temple of the ancient gods with a
They mounted down from their horse and
stood at the entrance.

Robin placed his palm on the closed door
and it opened giving them access into it.
Only those from the family of the gods can
gain access into the temple.

Robin and his brother walked in majestically
and sat down with their legs folded in front
of a big and sacred statue built with gold.
The temple was designed with lot of old
crafts and magical drawings painted on the

The temple smelt power and magic.
Robin and Nicholas sat down with their legs
folded as they tried to summon their late
“kash mire ra kashi, ko ri so zoa” Robin said
in the language of the gods as his eyes were
tightly closed.
“we summon thee great god of Rome, our
father! come and reveal to thy sons the
reason we are been hunt for. Rash mah la sa
lora” He added with his eyes still closed.
“our great father! Great disaster faces us,
you can’t just sit down and watch while
your children perish day by day. Please come
to thy children’s rescue…………………….. Ro zaro
sha shara” Nicholas said after his brother.
Suddenly, a bright light shone in the whole
temple and a god in white robe appeared in
their front.
“my sons, doesn’t you know i am suppose
to be with my fellow gods now??? Why the
disturbance? Why summon me here? What’s
wrong?” He asked them in a voice like

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