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Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 3
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“your next target is Patrick, he is very strong
and also had security guards with cameras,
killing him would be hard” Master Malcolm
told me.

“That will never stop me master. you mean i
should strike this night” I asked.
“yea boy” He replied.
“ok master, your wish is my command” I

“i am ready to avenge the death of my
parents” I added.
“good boy” he said and gave me a piece of
paper as usual. An information on my

Date: 15th January 2014,
Location: Nova street, Rome,
Target: Patrick Elmer.

I was surprised when i saw the surname.
“so, the people who killed my parents are
brothers, don’t worry. Darlington is coming
for you” I said with rage.

I arrived at Nova street through my
disappearing and walked like a gentleman
to my target’s residence.

There was a gate in the compound and it
was fenced with security cameras

I scanned the whole compound with my
super-eyes and saw my target in his room
sleeping peacefully.

“argh, you are sleeping comfortably after
killing my parents and making me stay in the
jungle… You must be stipud!” I said to
myself. .

I can just go and meet him there in his room
but i decided to play with his security
guards. I switched to invisible mode and
entered the compound without opening the

“foolish security guards” I laughed
when i saw them sleeping and snoring
loudly. I took time in waking them up and

killed them one by one.

“you work for a murderer which means you
guys are murderers too and you must be
murdered” I shouted. Only those in the
realm of the spirit can see or hear me.

I quickly entered my target’s room and saw
him standing with a shining and sharp
sword in his hands. It’s like he had been
expecting me or something.
“who are you?” He said pointing his sword
directly towards me. “what??… How come he
still see me in my invisible mode? I guess
these guys are not humans” I said in my
mind. .
“i guess you are the choosen one” He said
when he saw the star on my wrist.
“i am Darlington and i am here to murder
you as you did to my parents” I said angrily.
Why will they be calling me choosen one? I
am Darlington for Christ sake.
“what did you mean i murdered your
parents?” He asked with raised eyebrows.
“no time for chit-chat” I barked back and
dashed towards him with all my strength
but he surprisingly, just a single kick from
him pushed me hardly on the hard floor.
I was in my room catching a good sleep
when i saw an invisible being advanced into
my compound and eliminated all my guards.
I know you may ask how i was able to see
him when he is invisible.

Well, i am a little god given birth to by Elmer

The strange being came to my room after
killing my guards and i knew him at once to
be the choosen one. I recognized him
because my father had once showed us the
photo of how the choosen one will be when
he comes to earth.

But something isn’t right, the choosen is
suppose to have long hairs on his head but
here he is without a single hair or is this not
him???…………………. .


“how come this man is so strong??” I
breathed heavily still on the ground.. The
kick really affected me………………..

I tried attacking him again but a blow from
him sent me to the ground again groaning
in pains……………….. .

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