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Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 7
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Title: Revelation

“good evening father, we are very sorry for
disturbing you” Nicholas said.
“so, tell me my sons. Tell me your problem
and your worries. The reason you
summoned me here!” He told them.
“Father, we are being hunted for day and
night by an unknown. We know you can
see, you can see beyond the nine planets of
this world. Please help us, reveal to us
what’s happening. Rakasha le ei sa su ze”
The two brothers told their father at the
same time.
They were now fully in the realm of
invisibility with their eyes glowing sparkling
white light.
“my sons, i know your worries and the
problem you pass through” Elmer, their
father told them.
“Then reveal to us father, what’s happening,
why we are being hunted day and night and
who is hunting us” They said again.
“my sons, you are being hunted by an
unexpected being” He said.
“who’s that being father?” They asked.
“an immortal being, a powerful immortal
being had been deceived and that’s why he
hunts you” He replied. “Father, please make
your words clear to thy
sons. We doesn’t understand” They
“my sons, the Choosen one is responsible
for the killings, he hunts you” He revealed
letting the cat out of the basket.
The two brothers gasped in shock when
they heard the revelation.
“but father, how is that possible? We know
the choosen one was given birth to by
Malcolm but ever since then, we haven’t set

our eyes on them and besides, how can the
choosen one commit such evil when he is
created to fight the enemies of Rome?” The
two brothers asked the same time fully in
the realm of the spirit.
“yes i know, Malcolm your evil brother has
deceived the choosen one, thereby using
him against you. Malcolm is trying to take
revenge on the fact that he wasn’t made the
emperor” He told them.
“Father, thanks for the revelation. Can you
please tell us also, whether he(choosen one)
is also coming for us?” They asked
“yes of course! Malcolm had spoilt his mind
so much. You know the fact that he was
suppose to be
the emperor due to his birth right(senior)
but he is too evil.
So, i had to choose you instead. Malcolm is
taking revenge my sons” He said which
made them afraid.
“father please tell us what to do” They said
in fright.
They were very afraid that moment because
the choosen one is a very powerful creature
in form of human given birth to every 500
years and he must come from the Roman
emperor(little god).
However, the mother of the child must die
after labour(that’s how it had been from
ancient time).
“i am sorry, there is nothing you can do”
Elmer replied and disappeared.
The two brothers quickly recovered from
the realm of invisibility, ran towards their
royal horse in fear, mounted on it and
started their ride in confusion mixed with
They didn’t talk to each other as they ride
“what shall we do??” was hovering in their
mind as they ride home.

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