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Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 4
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I was still on the floor groaning in pains
when i heard his voice.

“tell me choosen one, you are created and
destined on Earth to make peace and also
fight the enemies of this empire which is
Rome but here you are, causing and
creating havoc in your home. What has
come over you?” He told me which
increased my anger.
“don’t give me that murderer” I shouted
with rage, ran towards him with full force,
jumped high above the ground and was
about to give him a flying kick but he caught
my two legs in the mid air and threw me to
a wall.
I tried all my best to stand up on my feet but
i was too weak, seriously weak.
He pinned me to the floor and was dashing
me heavy blows, i was very weak and
passed out at once.

Immediately i closed my eyes, i saw my

I don’t know how he managed to come to
me in trance.

“Darlington, change to a mortal being now”
He said and vanished.

Immediately he vanished, i felt new power
surge through me.

I regained myself and opened my eyes at

He was still on top of me dishing me blows.
I changed from invisibility, channeled some
strength into my hands and pushed him off

He also switched from invisible mode and
the fight continued.

He tried giving me a blow to my face but i
caught his hand and immediately i
channeled all my powers(both physical and
super) to my right leg and gave him a super
kick directly to his face.

“Arrgh!!!” He shouted, fell down and gave


“so, you are so weak in physical form. Die
murderer!!” I shouted, touched the star in
my wrist and disappeared from there.
I appeared in the jungle to see my master
standing at the entrance to our old house.
“done master!” I said as usual.
“you surprised me Darlington” He said.
“i didn’t surprise you, i am avenging the
death of my parents” I said without a smile
and went in.

“This boy is turning rude day by day”
“very soon boy”
“Herbert and Patrick cleared.
Two remaining”


I went inside our old house and decided to
rest a bit.

I went straight to my master’s cupboard
where his old books were kept. He had
warned me several times not to dare open
the cupboard.

He even went as far to lock it
with a strong key.

With the help of my super
powers, i was able to open the key and i
gained access to the cupboard. I opened it
and saw a little box inside but i ignored it
and took a book, i went to sit down in our
bamboo chair and decided to read. It’s been
long i read after Master Malcolm taught me.
When i opened the book, i saw his national
I.D card and looked at it. What i saw
surprised me.

“what??…. Malcolm Elmer? How come?” I
asked myself.

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