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Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 2
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He was the first to attack as he rushed
towards me, raised his sword to cut me but
i quickly blocked his with mine gave him a
strong kick to his stomach.

The kick pushed him hardly on the floor, he
got up swiftly like nothing happened.
“hmm seems this guy wants to challenge
me, Darlington the prince of the jungle. Well,
let’s continue” I said aloud to his hearing.

He dashed towards me again with his
sword ready to tear me apart but i quickly
rolled over past him, stood up and attacked
him with my sword from behind but it
didn’t penetrate.

I immediately switched my sword to super-
mode so that it can penetrate him and the
fight continued.

Killing him was hard but he made things
easy for me when he decided to give me his
finishing touch(super-spear).

His eyes turned red and sparkling electric
could be seen on his general body.
His spearing was so fast and quick but i
swiftly dodged him which made him fell
heavily on the ground.

I quickly stroke him on his back with my
super sword and he died.
“die murderer, you murdered my parents
and i will make sure i kill the rest of your
gang” I said without any atom of pity for
him. I quickly touched the star in my wrist
and disappeared from there.
I reappeared in the jungle to see my master
on top a tree.

He jumped down immediately he saw me.
“done master!” I told him.
“welldone boy” He said smiling.
I was munching on my roasted bush meat

when master Malcolm who was sitting close
to me spoke.
“remember, you have to start
preparing for your next mission ahead” He
“i know master but are those people
humans? I mean my targets” I asked him.
“yes of course” He answered surprised why
i asked that kind of question. “but how
come the one i assassinated yesterday
possess super powers?” i questioned him.
don’t know” He replied almost immediately.
“your next mission won’t be easy as the first
one” He said changing the topic. .

The death of Herbert(brother to the Roman
emperor) has spread through out the city.
People were sad and some couldn’t help but
to cry.

The emperor(Robin) and his remaining twn
brothers(Patrick & Nicholas) were mourning
the death of their brother.
“why will Xerxes
(a god known for protection in Rome) allow
this to happen to our brother?” Nicholas
cried out.
“two of us had finished discussing
that night when he went home and was
assassinated by an unknown person” Robin
“whoever that person is, i think he’s a
little god like us or a god because a mere
mortal can’t harm we little gods” Patrick
“i am suspecting Malcolm, maybe he is
back for revenge because he wasn’t made
the emperor” Nicholas said.
“me too” Patrick
“i don’t think so” Robin said.

“your next target is Patrick, he is very strong
and also had security guards with cameras.
Killing him would be hard” My master told
me. .

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