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Blemished Love - Season 1 - Episode 9
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‘Mom, I don’t know why you two can’t run your company. I’m fine where I am now.’
‘You call staying in a hotel wasting your trust fund okay?’ Stella’s mom sounded angry on the call.
‘Did dad put you up to this?’
‘He shouldn’t have to Stella,’ She said softly. ‘You are my daughter and if you won’t come back because of the company then do it for me.’
She sighed heavily from her end. ‘But mom, I don’t know anything about this company. Remember I dropped out of law school.’
‘I know that but he has someone who is managing the company and is willing guide you.’
‘Are you sure, it’s because of the company you want me back.’ Stella sighed heavily.
‘It’s been twelve years and I miss you very much.’
Stella laughed so hard on the call. She being her mother’s only child made it easy for her to get anything she wants.
‘Okay, you got to pick me up yourself from the airport on Saturday. I guess I will start work on Monday.’
Mrs. Medt jubilated over the call before hanging up. Stella always talked of being a judge when she was young so her mom thought staying with her brother who was an influential judge himself could really help as he has already recommended a good law school for her.
Stella dropped out for reasons she wasn’t keen on disclosing neither does her uncle and the family never spoke about it.


‘Dad what are you doing here.’ Melisa asked her Dad who appeared that afternoon at a client’s place where she was checking the site for her next big event. She walked closer with a smile on her face.

‘I went by the house and Julia told me where to find you.’
‘She actually spoke to you.’ Melisa asked surprised because her aunt seem not to like their Dad that much after their mom passed away.
Melisa waved her client from afar to give her some few minutes.
‘Yeah.’ He replied.
‘So what brought you here Dad?’
‘I haven’t seen you for a whole month.’ He replied.
‘I’ve been busy as you can see.’
‘Okay but did you talk to Tom?’
‘We don’t talk Dad.’ She gave him a stern look. ‘Besides he’s fine where he is and I’m not sure he would want to come work for you.’
‘But I need to talk to him and apologize.’
‘The guy basically threw you out of his engagement reception and you still think you could talk to him or you have forgotten already.

‘No, I haven’t Lisa.’
‘Then allow him enjoy his marriage. He’s just three weeks in his marriage and I won’t forgive you if you mess it up for him.’
‘Alright, I won’t pester you again but how are you.’
‘I’m doing fine and cutting down the alcohol intake if you care to know.’
‘That’s good to hear and the other thing.’
‘You know I just can’t stop sleeping around in a day and get married but I’m working on it too.’
‘Alright, if you change your mind about Mr. Stan…’
‘Dad I don’t want to marry your friend’s son so let’s leave it at that.’
He nodded. ‘Take care of yourself then.’
Melisa waved him while he entered his car. Despite her Dad leaving home when she was just five years old hurt her a lot, he was her favorite and still is.
She smiled and watched him drive away while she walked back to her client.

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