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Blemished Love - Season 1 - Episode 6
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They ate in silence. Tom and chicken were twins. Chicken time always meant quiet time for Tom.

But that afternoon was different, he suddenly had a lot to say.

Grissel could feel it because he kept stealing glances.
‘Tom stop doing that.’ She announced.
‘Doing what?’
‘The weird glances.’
‘I wanted to ask if you ever thought of going back home.’
‘Yes, it would be good for you.’
‘I’m sorry about last night. I can be better today, just don’t send me back.’
‘Wait, I’m not sending you home as in to your sister’s place. But I mean Ghana. It’s been ten years and you never mentioned anything about visiting.’ He clarified.
She sighed heavily. ‘I don’t need to go. I talk to Mom regularly and I’m not sure I need to be home anytime soon besides she came over for our engagement.’
‘But you need some family around Grissel.’
‘I have my sister, that’s enough and you are now family too.’
‘And Aubrey too.’ He added.
‘Aubrey,’ she repeated without any expression.
‘Who is that?’ She asked focusing on her meal.
Tom was suddenly quiet.
‘Tom,’ she called out before he blinked.
‘Are you okay.’
‘Yeah, absolutely.’ He feigned a smile.
‘Who is Aubrey?’ She asked again.
‘Ooh that, I was referring to your sister’s husband.’
‘But he’s not Aubrey.’
‘Adam, I mean. The decorators name is still ringing in my head I guess.’ He lied.
‘You just need to forgive him, but I had no problem with the turn out of the reception. I don’t see why you nearly punched him Tom.’ Grissel changed the topic.

‘You call that quack job, good.’
‘But it’s in the past now, just forgive him, next time maybe your sister can get over her pride and help with the event planning.’
‘Forget Mel, but that punch would have made your heart drop into your stomach.’ He teased.
‘You sure know me well.’
‘Do I?’ He sighed.

Grissel raised her head from the plates where she bent it a second ago to pick up chicken from her plate.

‘That was a joke right?’ She asked with a serious face on looking directly into his eyes.
Tom was suddenly quiet and looked apologetic.

‘I got you right there,’ he suddenly burst into a hilarious laughter.

Grissel didn’t find it funny at all. She wore a worried grin on.
‘Come on, I was just trying to make a conversation and apologize for last night.’ He muttered. ‘You don’t have to forgive me yet but it won’t happen again.’
Grissel kept her worried face on him unable to tell if he was lying earlier.
‘Grissel, I said I’m sorry and don’t sue me.’

‘Is that all you are going to say.’ He had no idea what’s going on with that expression on her face, her attention was on him but maybe her mind was occupied with different thoughts. Tom guessed.
‘Grissel’, He called out to her.
‘Tom, it’s okay. I’m fine and I’m glad we talked about it. And for your information you are my husband, I can’t sue you for what I happened to enjoy myself.’ She said hurriedly and stood up with her plates.
‘Really, you enjoyed?’ Tom’s eyes almost popped out.

She paused and nodded with her back facing him.

‘Is this girl for real right now?’ A tiny voice whispered to him and he quickly shrugged it off in his surprised state.

‘Okay, I know you might be thinking I let you off the hook easily but it was my fault same as it was yours as well.’ She tried to force a smile which appeared on her face foolishly.
‘Are you for real?’ He finally asked the question his mind had wanted to ask earlier.
‘Yeah, we are okay Tom.’

‘Thank you but where are you going? You haven’t finished your meal.’ He asked when she took some few steps away from him again.

‘I’m full and tired. Want to get some rest after here.’ She still said with her back facing him.

‘Are you sure that’s all or you just can’t forgive me yet.’ He asked worried.
‘No,’ she responded with her back facing him and not so sure which of the questions she responded to.

Grissel stood an inch from the table with her eyes shut for seconds and then she opened them quickly with a painful look which drew lines on her forehead. She finally turned around masking her expression earlier with a fake smile which Tom hardly noticed because when it came to Grissel everything about her is genuine.

She walked over dropping her plate on the table and leaned over sealing his opened lips with hers.
He responded weakly, that wasn’t his idea of apologizing. He wanted a real talk because he had a lot of things to talk about.
‘, le..t’s t..alk first.’ He said in between their clenched teeth’s.
‘No,’ she responded.

Tom shut his eyes immediately and opened it, he wasn’t so sure what had come over his shy wife.
‘Okay, ar..e y..ou,’ he managed to ask with his breathe increasing.
‘Come with me,’ Grissel finally let go of his lips and whispered into his ears.
‘I thought you were tired earlier.’
‘Don’t ruin the moment Tom.’ She feigned a smile when Tom was not looking.
Tom stared, was that his wife. He thought silently and followed her gesture.


Grissel came to the states to pursue her educational dreams.

She did extremely well and was lucky to get a job at the firm she practiced with.

She had always wanted to be a lawyer like her father. After he died, her mom a retired nurse sacrificed everything to send her over to the states to pursue her dream. Grissel was just eighteen when she came to the states though very young her mom didn’t want the opportunity of studying law to pass her by and she checked up on her regularly.

Grissel was the only child and her mom had always been so proud of her.

Jessy’s mom is a Ghanaian and her Dad an American so when she met another Ghanaian in her class they became family. Jessy was one of her lecturers, who was married to Adam Riggs.

As fate would have it she got along with Grissel since she joined her law class in her first year. Jessy was always amazed at the level of knowledge she had about law and took her in. They both had to depend on each other several times along the line. Jessy became her sister, confidant and everything far from home.

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