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Blemished Love - Season 1 - Episode 5
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Julia got home and slumped on the sofa.
‘Aunty, where did you go this early?’ Melisa asked coming from the kitchen with a napkin in her hands.
Julia looked so exhausted and just rolled her eyes.
‘Did you just roll your eyes?’
‘No my eyes rolled itself, come on Mel, I’m not in the mood to exchange words today.’
‘I’m sorry, but you left without waking me up, I’ve been waiting since morning till breakfast got cold and lunch is ready.’
‘Sorry, I had an emergency. Can we eat now? I’m sure you must be hungry.’
‘And you couldn’t leave a note.’
‘It won’t happen again Mel. Can you let this go already.’ Julia was getting fed up with her niece getting over suspicious.
She knew how Melisa could make an issue of every small thing.
‘Was it Tom again? Has his marriage crashed already?’
‘Melisa,’ Julia yelled with an expression that gave her out.
‘Wow, so that was it.’ She smiled mischievously.
‘Be happy for your brother and his new family and stop wishing evil comes their way.’ Julia winced. ‘I’ve always told you, if I were to wish your mom evil you both wouldn’t be in this world now.’ Julia finally said almost in tears. She knew that was the only thing that would put a stop to their unhealthy conversation.
Melisa rushed off to the sofa.’ I’m sorry. I promise to be good from now on.’
‘Thank you, I’m hungry. Can we go to the dinning now?’ Julia quickly changed the topic and stood up.

‘But what was the deal with you and mom anyway,’ she asked curiously leading her to the dining.
‘You this smart girl. Give up already.’
‘Okay, sit here. Let me get your food.’ Mel announced and disappeared into the kitchen smiling. She loved her aunty so much that her tears became her weakness.
‘Necessary Evil.’ Julia whispered to herself after she left.
‘But you know Grissel is too young for Tom right?’ She yelled out from the kitchen.
‘Come on, she’s twenty eight and married to a thirty year old which I wish was you.’ Julia knew it was wrong to compare the both of them but she knew that was the only way to shut her up.
Luckily, she never said another word but came out with food on a tray and a gloomy grimace on.


Melisa was five years when her mom left home one early morning to give birth to Tom and never came back. She hated Tom for their mom’s death. Though they both somehow accepted it was fate when they grew up and moved on, they hardly got along.
Melisa being a party girl, though not the high class type knew how to have good fun.
She had several failed relationships that cut her deep.
She wasn’t the type to say “I have tried and failed, so let me give up.”
Melisa always had men flocking around her even to her door step but she wasn’t done having fun yet to settle down.
Somehow Julia felt her niece was becoming another version of herself and she disliked it so much. At sixty, she was still single and her niece had clocked thirty five and wanted nothing to do with marriage.
Since her sister died, she hadn’t thought of men. It had always been work and the kids. She felt she owed her that much. Besides she couldn’t leave two young children alone in a foreign land.
Julia always thought of going back to Ghana with the kids but she hoped when they grew up they would make that decision for themselves.

Julia and her sister Joyce came down to the states in their youthful age. They worked to gain the freedom they enjoyed presently in the foreign land.

She always told the children, “In those days, things were a lot easier than they are now.”
The children’s father was a topic she never hid from them. Melisa had several memories of him leaving when their mom got pregnant, something about not wanting another child.
Melisa was a Doctor by profession but stopped practicing suddenly while Tom worked for Arts Engineering Ltd as their manager. She however took over her Aunty’s event planning business which she managed not to ruin over time.


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