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Blemished Love - Season 1 - Episode 19
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‘There’s lunch in the microwave and fresh juice in the fridge. If you need anything jus…..’

‘Just call you. Copy that.’ Tom replied seeing her off to the gate.
‘Love you.’ She yelled out from her car and drove off to work.

Tom went back in, picked up his car keys and drove out of the house. He knew Grissel loved a fresh week without worries so he was sure not to give her some that morning.
‘You are not talking to me now.’ Dane asked.

Julia had earlier left the house for them.
‘What are you doing here?’
‘I apologize I came here unannounced but I just wanted to talk to you.’
‘You could have called Dane.’
‘I did call severally for a whole month, remember?’ He stood up from his chair and sat close to her holding her hands.
‘I can’t let this happen between us.’
‘But nothing is happening.’
‘Dane.’ She called with a stern look.
‘Alright, you don’t want anything to happen. I get it but at least acknowledge my presence here.’
Melisa looked up at him and shook her head and thought he’s right to have asked that of her.
‘Should I get you something to eat or drink?’
‘No, I’m fine. I would prefer we talk about us being friends.’

‘Friends?’ She muttered with surprised.
‘Of course, with no strings attached.’
‘But you were clear you wanted us to be more than that.’
‘And you made it clear nothing of that sort would happen.’
‘Yeah I did but I meant the other thing.’ She said with a glitter of smiles.

‘Ohh, sorry. I’m not going to sleep with you under your mother’s roof so relax.’
‘Aunty.’ She finally raised up her head.
‘You mean she’s your aunt?’
Melisa nodded.
‘You have her looks and I’m sure your mom has that beautiful look too.’
‘Yeah she had.’
Dane read the expression on her face and knew he might have overstepped. ‘I’m sorry about your mom.’
‘That’s fine, Julia is more than a mother to us.’
He reached playfully touching her cheeks. ‘So I guess we are a couple now.’
‘I hope so Dane.’
‘You hope so?’ He questioned with a confused look.
‘Look I’m just scared we are not right for each other.’
‘And who gets to decide that.’ He asked with concern. ‘To make you feel better I’m scared too.’
‘You are?’
A smile appeared on his face. ‘I mean I haven’t felt like this since Dani’s mom died but I guess it’s time to come out of my shells and I want to do that with you so just let me in.’ He muttered reaching out for her hands which she made readily available.
‘Yes.’ she replied smiling when Dane hasn’t asked any question yet.
‘Yes, as in you want us to date.’

She nodded and he reached out for a hug. ‘On one condition.’
‘Ooh ooh.’ He drew back.
‘Can we take it slow? Nothing big yet. I have a few things I need to clear up first.’
‘That works for me so long as it’s in my favor.’

‘Great, now can we talk about how you got here?’ She smiled relaxing against the couch.
‘I think I would take you up on that drink now.’ He tried to change the topic.

‘Is someone running away from their stalking schemes?’ She teased and stood up.
‘We will talk about that when I get my drink.’
‘Alright, grape juice coming right up.’
‘Thank you.’ He said after she vanished to the kitchen.


‘Jessy, thank you for meeting me.’
‘No problem, you sound worried over the phone. Is Grissel okay?’
‘I was hoping you could tell me that.’
‘What do you mean, you were hoping I could tell you?’
‘Grissel has been acting up lately.’
‘I still don’t understand you Tom.’
‘Has she said anything to you?’
‘Not that I can remember but I haven’t heard from her since the wedding.’
‘Since the wedding.’
Jessy nodded. ‘Yes, she’s avoiding my calls.’
‘But that’s like four months ago.’ Tom mentioned with a confused look on his face.
‘Ahaaa. I didn’t want to push it.’
‘That’s weird. She’s been acting withdrawn and lost.’
‘Did you guys have an argument?’ Jessy asked.
‘No, except I resigned a month ago and we talked about it.’
‘Maybe she’s still bothered about it but did you talk to her about your worries.’
‘You know Grissel, she talks at her own time and I can see whatever she got herself mixed up with is affecting our marriage.’
‘What do you want me to do now?’
‘Come over for dinner. Maybe you can get something out of her. I’m just so worried about her.’
‘If you are that worried you should find a way reaching out to her.’
‘I just think it would be better if she talked to someone she’s familiar with.’
‘Okay, I will come on Saturday.’ She thought for a while and thinks he is right about Grissel acting weird.

‘You know we are still new to all this marriage stuff but thank you.’ He replied signaling the waitress to come over.
Soon enough Saturday came and Tom was aware Jessy would be around so he was being helpful so his wife wouldn’t suspect anything.
‘Can you get someone for the position and stop calling my phone every time?’
Grissel watched keenly while Tom yelled on the phone.
He hanged up before Stella could say another word.
‘Is that chicken ready yet? He asked after a few minutes when Grissel was stealing glances.
Tom who decided to help in the kitchen sat on a chair flipping his phone.

‘Not yet, but what was that all about.’
‘That over pampered boss just asked me out for a drink.’
‘She did?’ Grissel asked surprising him.
‘Yeah, it’s been a month and I was hoping that position would have been filled up already.’
‘Maybe nobody is up for the task.’
‘That’s not my problem Grissel and I’m hungry now.’
‘I’m almost done here but don’t you think your boss just wants to hang out with you.’
‘Call her and remind her I’m married.’
‘Ease up Tom. It’s just a drink.’
‘With a married man.’
‘Come on, your wife is not complaining. I can tag along if you want me to.’
‘No thank you.’ He said and the bell rang.
They looked at each other and Tom left to get the door. As it seemed they were both not expecting anyone.
Grissel, see who we have here?’
Grissel left what she was doing and came out.
‘Hey,’ Jessy reached out for a hug.
‘I didn’t know you were coming.’ Grissel muttered.
‘Yeah, I was in the neighborhood and decided to pass by.’
‘You are right in time for dinner. Have a seat here.’
‘Thank you.’
‘Tom can you please keep her company, I want to get dinner sorted.’
‘Sure, I’m right behind you.’ He replied and walked Jessy to get a seat.


‘Is Lisa going to be my new mom? ‘Dani asked her dad suddenly after their dinner.
‘Where did you hear that?’
‘I have eyes and ears Daddy.’
‘You have? But you just got here.’ He inquired.
‘Why is she hiding throughout this week in the guest room?’
‘Hiding? Guest room?’
‘Come on Daddy, you never enter the guest room but you did this evening and lately I seem to be going away to Grams very often.’
‘Oh I forgot to tell you I have a problem with my bed so I’m crushing there this week.’
‘Daddy?’ She sheepishly called out.
‘Yes love.’
‘Are you lying t…?’ She was saying when her nanny interrupted.
‘It’s time for your bath.’ Her nanny called out.
Dane sighed heavily and walked out to the far end of the house and knocked quietly on Melisa’s door while he waited for a reply.
When he got no answer, he walked in and heard drops of water from the shower.
Dane smiled coyly and grabbed a seat on her bed.
Few minutes after Melisa came out luckily with a towel wrapped to cover her body.
‘Ready for bed.’ He questioned when she came out.

‘Gosh, you scared me.’ She made sure her towel was well tied.
‘Sorry but we need to talk.’
‘Am I in trouble?’
‘Yes we both are.’ He replied with a gesture.
‘A Dani problem?’ She questioned walking over to sit.

He nodded. ‘She came home this evening.
‘I thought you said she would be with your parents throughout my visit.’
‘I did but they sent her over for the night.’
‘Okay, so what’s the problem if she’s going back tomorrow?’
‘Emm that seems to be the problem.’
‘She has no plans of leaving?’ She asked reading meaning into what he said.
‘Yes and she knows about us.’
‘How? I mean she just got here and she already figured that out.’
‘I don’t know how yet, but she asked why you are hiding in the guest room. She’s a smart kid Lisa.’
‘For an eight year old, I think she’s just nosy.’
‘Come on, don’t you think two months is enough dating period to talk to her about us.’
‘We talked about this D. I’m not ready for that responsibility.’
‘Responsibility? What’s that supposed to mean.’ He flared up.

‘This was what i kept telling you I had to work out first and you wouldn’t listen.’
He stood up pacing around. ‘Dani is my responsibility, not yours.’
‘And she becomes mine as soon as we make it public.’
‘It’s not even like that.’ He said still pacing around.

‘How is it like then?’ She questioned with confusion on her face.
‘I just want her to know so you could stop sneaking around the house.’
‘Well, I’m okay with how things are now besides we don’t want to confuse Dani and when things don’t work out between us she crawls back into her shells.’
‘This is childish and insensitive at the same time.’ He replied.
Before she could say anything else, he was out of the door.


‘Your dad told me you have some questions.’ Melisa decided to talk to Dani the next day after dinner.
‘Emmm, yes.’

‘I would try and answer honestly.’ Melisa told her.
‘Ahaaa, why were you hiding in there?’ She mentioned as if she forgot what she wanted to say initially.
‘I wasn’t exactly hiding. I would have come to find you just after your dinner this evening.’
‘Okay, so are you my new mom.’ She asked with all seriousness.
‘Not exactly but I could just be another add up to the family if you don’t mind.’
‘Would that make Daddy happy?’
Melisa made a mental note. ‘I guess so.’
‘Welcome to the family.’ Dani muttered. Just then Dane came knocking.
‘Daddy is that you?’ She queried.
He peeped in and was surprised Melisa was in her daughter’s room.
‘Hey.’ He gestured to her.
‘Hello.’ She responded nonchalantly.
‘Daddy, did you get that ice cream for me.’
‘I did but it’s almost your bed time so you can have that tomorrow.’
‘Okay.’ Dani glanced at the two of them.
‘Can I borrow your friend for a minute?’ He announced after a few seconds as the whole room was quiet.
‘You can have her.’ She smiled.
Melisa tucked her in properly while Dane walked over kissing her on the fore head.
‘Goodnight Dad. Lisa, I would see you at breakfast tomorrow.’

‘Alright, I would be there.’ She smiled to her and walked out with Dane.
‘So you two talked?’ He asked her beaming with smiles.
‘It was the right thing to do.’
‘And I’m guessing I wouldn’t be getting the gist.’
‘No, all you need to know is she’s a smart kid.’
‘Okay, but I’m sorry I snapped last night.’
‘That’s fine, at least we can be seen together now.’ Melisa assured him.
He nodded holding her hands by his door.
‘I wish you could come in but I…..’
‘I understand you D.’
He glared at her and drew her closer after a few minutes of silence.
‘What are you doing Dane?’
‘Shhhh,’ he gestured with his hands and slowly kissed her on the lips.
‘Come with me Lisa.’ He dragged her along to his room and quickly shutting the door behind him.
‘You don’t want to do this Dane.’ She said when he was pulling her gently towards his bed.
‘I know what we agreed on.’ He reached out for her lips once more as they la!d on the bed.


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