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Blemished Love - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Tom’s entrance to the hall switching on the light woke Melisa up. She decided to wait for him after washing down herself so she slept off on the couch and didn’t notice when his car drove in.

She opened her eyes instantly. ‘You are back.’

Tom just ignored, dropped her keys and suit and walked to the kitchen.
Melisa followed him to the kitchen where she met him warming up his rice.
‘Can I at least help you with that?’ She asked walking closer.
‘Gosh, why are you stalking me.’
‘I’m not, I just want to help since your wife might already be asleep.’
‘My wife?’ Tom was surprised for once her sister referred to Grissel as his wife.
‘Yes, okay I made a few mistakes I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry.’
‘You are sorry and wait, tell me why you are in the night wear I got for Grissel.’
He remembered he got that wear for his wife a week to their wedding but Grissel preferred the long ones so he just didn’t want to pursue her to put on what he wanted.
‘She gave it to me Tom and I just said I’m sorry.’
‘Keep the sorry to yourself and get out of my way.’ He said picking the bowl of rice from the microwave without the sauce and filed pass her.
Melisa stayed back and warmed the sauce for him. When she came out he was already eating the raw spaghetti.
‘I thought you told your wife you would be eating this.’ She said dropping the bowl of sauce on the dining table and walked away.
Tom waited for her to leave to her room before he ate his food in peace.


‘You don’t need to sneak in to bed Tom.’ Grissel said raising the duvet covering her face. She waited for Tom to shower before she announced her vigil.
‘Emmm’ He managed to say scratching his head.
‘Have you eaten and checked on your sister?’
‘Yeah.’ He replied and pushed himself onto the bed.
‘I was really pissed off today Tom, especially when I had to face Lisa all alone.’
‘I’m sorry but can we talk about something else?’ He said with a serious tone now.
‘What’s with that serious face Tom.’
‘Yes, one of my bosses at work. Did something happen to him?’
He shook his head vigorously.
‘Tom? What is going on here?’
‘Why didn’t you tell me you met up with him a night to our wedding?’
‘Were you following me again? I thought you trust me and the more reason why I tell you my whereabouts.’

‘I wasn’t spying? Someone saw you Grissel and this is one thing you never told me.’

Grissel raised herself up from the bed and la!d against the bedpost.

‘I thought I did, it probably escaped me.’ She said taking her eyes off him instantly.
‘Yes Tom.’ She replied with her gaze off again.
‘So why are you not able to look into my face Grissel? Did you cheat on me?’
‘Wait no, I just don’t want to talk about it Tom.’

‘So you admit you were with Andre.’
She nodded to confirm.
‘Okay, whenever you are ready just let me know.’ Tom pushed himself under the duvet and reached out for the bedside light.
‘We agreed not to talk about work Tom, which was why I didn’t tell you I met with him.’
Tom just pretended not to have heard her.
‘Say something.’ She shook him under the duvet.

‘Alright to make you feel better Adam and Jessy had two weeks off work in that hotel and that was the reason why I even went there twice.’

‘So you weren’t alone with Andre?’ He asked slowly pushing his head from the duvet.
‘No, though Adam left briefly to attend to Jessy screaming her head off over the hot tap not flowing, Andre is a good man and I wouldn’t tolerate flirting with him.’
‘So he didn’t touch you Grissel?’
‘What is this really about Tom?’
‘Did he touch you or not because I don’t understand how important this case was than your own wedding which you couldn’t wait till after you are married.’
‘Calm down jealous Tom. I agree I broke down at a point when things were not working in my favor that night and he might have consoled me but that was it.’
‘Was your client someone important?’ He knows it when Grissel is telling the truth.
‘Yes, my happiness with you depended on it Tom.’ She had a worried grin on.
‘Has it been sorted out now?’
‘I’m with you so yes, it was worth that night out.’ She smooched his shoulder.
‘Okay, I’m sorry for doubting you and assuming you cheated which resulted in my violence behavior towards you on our wedding night.’
‘I thought as much. Can we not go back to that please?’ She frowned at the thought of that night.

Grissel freaks out when she has to remember that memory especially when Tom tries to raise it. That was the fifth time after the incident he had tried talking about it.
‘Thank you but what did you do to Lisa.’
‘Oh that? I may have put her in the right place. I know we agreed I should ignore her but I couldn’t take it this evening.’
‘That’s okay, at least she’s calm now and seem to have accepted the fact that you are my wife.’

She smiled weirdly and adjusted herself on the bed looking into his face.
‘Do I have something on my face?’ He asked.

‘Emmm, I’ve been wondering why my handsome prince hasn’t said anything about his surprise in finding out I wasn’t a virgin.’ She covered her face discreetly.
‘I figured out that was the reason you were cranky that night but honestly I wasn’t expecting you to be a virgin besides I love what I see now so I’m okay.’ He said flirtatiously while smooching her face.

‘I’m saying No before you even ask.’ She smiled pulling up the sheets.

‘You are exhausted so I’m not going to ask but can I just hold you.’

Tom pulled her into his arms while smooching her hair but Grissel’s mind seemed to be far from the room even when Tom slept off she was restless.

He has always been a jealous guy and a control freak from his youthful days but meeting Grissel changed that part of him. The only thing he wants to do is trust in her love for him.

Grissel cuddled his face and kissed him while pulling away from his arms. She switched off her side of the light and covered herself fully with the duvet.


‘You have to leave before my niece gets back home. And you sleeping over was a mistake Joe.’ Julia gathered the sheets to cover herself while Joe leaned against the far corner watching her.

‘But you asked me here.’
‘Yes but the party is over and as I said Lisa might come back soon.’
‘Alright, let me just shower first.’
‘No, take this and get going.’ Julia threw his shirt and short to him angrily.

‘Gosh, relax. I will go now.’ Joe picked up his short from the floor slipped it on, picked up the shirt and his shoes next.

‘And don’t com….’, Before Julia could finish her sentence, he [email protected] the door so hard. He obviously knew his way around the house since he’s been there several times when Melisa was away.

‘This is not you Julia.’ She whispered to herself and walked to her bathroom.


‘Dad, you are early for breakfast.’ Stella who came down and met her Dad at the table smiled.

‘Unlike you I need to eat early because of my medications.’
‘Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that.’
‘So your mom told me you came home late yester night.’

‘Just hanging out with a few friends.’
‘I see and among these friends do you have anyone of them you are going out with?’
‘Dad, let’s not go there this morning.’
‘That reminds me, how’s Tom?’ Mr. Medt asked.

‘Huh? Who is that?’ She exclaimed.
‘Mr. Addison, your manager?’
‘Oh your toy boy?’ He should be home with his wife.’ She muttered focusing on the help who just brought the omelet.

‘Why do I sense you don’t like him Stella?’

‘To be honest I don’t and I can’t believe you hired such an amateur to work for you.’
‘Well I never had issues with him Stella.’
‘That’s because you give him so much freedom. Can you imagine when I arrived he was not there to show me around?’
‘If my memory serves me right he was supposed to be on leave when you took over.’

‘Dad, let’s forget him.’
‘Forget who?’ Stella’s mom asked behind them.’

‘No one mom. Just work and stress.’ Stella replied.
‘You know since you got back from your uncle’s place and your tour around the globe you hardly talked about what happened to you there.’

‘Mom, I told you guys he is fine, we resolved our fight.’
‘Well, your uncle called.’
‘And?’ Stella asked curiously.

‘He didn’t like the way you left after the incident especially when things were settled between you and your cousin.’

‘This was several years ago mom, I just want to put it behind me.’ Stella replied.
‘I’m starving, can we have breakfast now.’ Mr. Medt who was quiet watching them bring up the past suddenly announced.

‘Thank you Dad for saving me from your wife.’ She teased.

Stella travelled around Mexico to get away from the memories of the happenings while she was leaving with her uncle.


Melisa was smiling over the phone.
‘Were you able to do what we discussed?’ Henry suddenly asked when he was done making her laugh.

‘Honestly, I don’t want to continue this game anymore.’

‘But you visited so you could confront Grissel with your findings?’
‘Yeah, but I think I would hold on for a few more weeks.’ Melisa lied.
‘Lisa you are holding up again.’
‘I’m not Henry, just give me a few more weeks.’

‘I trust you love.’ Henry replied and hanged up.
Henry gave Melisa an ultimatum but Melisa didn’t want him to know she had changed her mind after what transpired between herself and Grissel last night.

She hissed and walked out of her room towards her brother’s room.


‘That was fun.’ Grissel said panting while Tom kept kissing her all over.
‘Do you think we could go for another round’ He whispered in her ears while she giggles.

‘Your wish is my command.’ She grinned at him.

‘That’s my girl,’ he announced and went under the duvet when Grissel knocked him on the head.

He came out of the sheets and stared.
‘You changed your mind?’
‘No, didn’t you hear footsteps?’ She asked gazing at the door.
‘There’s no one there Grissel.’ He went back to exploring her body.
‘Did you see that shadow?’ She pointed at the door yet again.
‘Gosh you just killed the mood.’
‘I’m sorry but I think your sister is at the door.’
‘Are you now a seer?’ He asked sitting in the middle of the bed.
‘Just check it out, she might be in need of something.’
‘She’s the least person I want to talk to this morning.’
‘I know but she’s in your house and I don’t want her giving your aunty false reports.’
‘Can’t we just forget her and continue what we started.’
‘I’m always here but she’s leaving today so you got to make use of the opportunity.’
‘Was that why instead of handing her the car keys last night you kept her here.’
‘Of course you figured it out. Tom I just want this rivalry to stop. It breaks my heart.’
‘Don’t make this about you Grissel. I have reasons for hating my sister that much.’
‘Reasons you don’t want to share.’
He nodded his head.
‘You’ve got to let me in Tom.’
‘Like you would do same for me.’ He questioned instead of answering his wife.
‘This is not about me today. I told you someday I will let you in and that doesn’t reduce my love for you.’
‘Alright, you remember Amy?’
‘The girl you got pregnant and forced her to get rid of it while you were still with me.’ She frowned.

‘I never said sorry for that. It was just a onetime thing and I was completely wasted that night.’
‘Is it what I think?’
‘Yes, Lisa was behind it all.’ He sighed.
Grissel’s face turned pale and Tom could read all the questions on her face.
‘She hates you that much and I couldn’t watch her continue treating you like an outsider.’
‘It wasn’t okay forcing Amy to get rid of it.’
‘Would you have been okay with that? Imagine sharing my attention between you and my child not to talk of Amy demanding for her own time.’
‘I understand but we could have found a solution to it.’ Grissel countered.
‘Solution? There’s no solution for having a child with another woman and married to another.’ He said with outmost certainty. ‘I’m sure if you were to have a child before we met, we both wouldn’t have been in this bed today.’
She sighed. ‘You actually hate kids that much?’

‘No, you know I love kids but having a child with another woman means dividing my attention.’

Grissel knew they discussed this several times in their relationship before they settled down and Tom was so serious about it anytime the topic is raised which made her think he hates kids and hearing it again sent shivers down her spine though she hasn’t made up her mind to start having children yet.
She was suddenly mute while Tom kept talking.
‘The funny thing is, she doesn’t know why I hate her that much.’
‘So Lisa is not aware you know?’
‘I don’t intend telling her at all.’
‘I’m sure she has plans to tell you, just give her time and please cut her some slack. She was simply looking out for you.’ Grissel advised.

‘Looking out for me at the expense of hurting the woman I love.’
‘Yet the woman you love hasn’t been hurt but might reach that point if you don’t let it go.’
‘That’s emotional blackmail Grissel.’
‘A good one as such. Though I want to continue dragging this with you I think she’s still standing out there Tom.’
‘How are you able to see her and I can’t.’
‘Well just get out and ask her to stay for dinner out tomorrow. I will pick up aunty in the morning.’
‘What are you doing Grissel?’
‘I’m having dinner with my family and don’t say No.’
‘Okay.’ He slipped his shorts on and walked out of bed picking up his t-shirt hung on the wardrobe.
‘I’m hungry too, so maybe after that we can get breakfast together.’
‘I’m on a fast?’ He smiled teasingly.
‘You don’t even know the way around the bible and you are on a fast.’
He winked and walked out leaving the door opened.
Tom on a normal day wouldn’t have listened to Grissel when it’s about her sister but it seemed he figured he had to make up for staying out late yester night.
Melisa who has been leaning against the pillar closer to their room jerked when she heard the door open.
She tried to walk away when Tom called her back.
‘What do you want waking us up?’ He dismissed the anger in his voice.
‘Good morning, Is your wife awake?’
‘What do you need from her?’
‘Tampax.’ She answered. Melisa wasn’t sure if Grissel uses the same product type but she needed help.
‘What’s Tampax?’
‘It’s ladi….’ She was saying when she was saved by the bell.
‘Tom, too much questions. Please come for it.’ Grissel could actually hear them from where she stood in the room dressing up.
Tom glanced at her sister and went back in.
‘You have Tampax?’ He asked curiously.
She nodded.

‘Why am I not aware you keep delicacies in here?’
Grissel laughed so hard.
‘What’s so funny right now?’
‘Tampax is just sanitary pad.’ She clarified.
‘I thought every lady uses always pad.’
‘No but I can’t believe your sister is actually shy to tell you she needs sanitary pad.’ She teased handing him a pack of Tampax pad.
He took it and reached out to her car keys on top of the wardrobe.
‘So this is Tampax but how did she even know you use this brand?’
‘She probably guessed.’
‘I know she’s pretending to like you now.’
‘That’s her own problem Tom. Just get her the d--n pad already.’
‘This your new friendship with Lisa, I have to investigate.’ He muttered raising his brows.
‘Help yourself and don’t forget to tell her she’s staying for dinner tomorrow.
‘Got it.’ He replied and walked out.
Melisa was pacing up and down when he got there.
‘Here you go.’
‘Thank you and I will need my car keys.’
He handed it over quietly without a word. He stared at her weirdly and she smiled at him.
‘Dinner Tom.’ Grissel yelled out reminding him of the dinner plans.
‘You don’t need to leave today. Grissel wants you to hav…’
‘Tom?’ Grissel yelled out once again and he scratched his head.

Scratching his head reminded her of how her mom used to tease their Dad. She laughed without even knowing it.
‘What is funny?’ He asked.
‘Nothing, you remind me of mom.’
‘So?’ He asked rudely.
‘So I made her favorite breakfast for you this morning.’
Tom ignored what she said because he never met his mom.
‘As I was saying before you interrupted, you have to wait for dinner tomorrow so you can’t leave.’ He said with an authoritative tone and rushed back in.
Melisa found it funny and smiled to herself.
‘You are so terrible at asking women out.’ Grissel laughed when he closed the door behind him.
‘But you fell for this same charm.’
‘I wonder how I fell for you.’ She teased back.
‘Can we eat now, Melisa claimed she made breakfast.’
‘I thought you are on fast.’
‘Not anymore when I just used up all my energy.’ He muttered.
‘After you my love.’ She slipped her legs inside her flip flops.

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