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Arrested by love - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Sick people on sick bed were seen at the hospital where Ebube was also taken to. He had already been treated by doctors. One could see him lying unconsciously on the bed with an artificial respiration and bandages round his abdomen. By the side of the bed was Daria while at another side was Amara. Both watched the doctor concluded an examination on Ebube’s body.
“He’s okay” the doctor said looking at Amara and glanced at Ebube again. “He’s really a strong man for withstanding the location of the bullet in his body” he added.
“Thank you, doctor” Amara said.
Daria remained quiet until the doctor went out. Though, Amara kept glancing at her but she didn’t care.
“Are you his sister?” Amara broke the silence then Daria looked at her for the first time.

“No” she replied and stared at Ebube again.
“His niece?”
“His cousin?”
Daria looked at Amara for the second time and said, “No”
“Then who are you?” Amara was still inquisitive.
“I’m just his friend” Daria replied.
“Alright” both became quiet for a while.
“And you?” Daria broke the silence looking at Amara.

“I’m also his friend” Amara replied then glanced at Ebube. “We met in Paris. Regardless the fact that he killed my father, i know Destiny as a good man” she added.
“Are you..”
“Yes, the daughter of late Linto the one Destiny murdered. My mother told me the reasons” Amara interrupted.
“What did you call him?” Daria asked again.

“Destiny. That’s his English name. Don’t you know that?” Amara asked but Daria shook her head negatively and stared at Ebube again. “Because of the name Destiny Desmond, i normally call him D-square” she added but Daria kept quiet. When the silence lingered, she looked up and said, “Thank you so much for bringing him here. You’re really kind”

“Welcome and thank you?” Amara smiled. “I want to tell you something..” she walked to the other side of the bed and held Daria on the shoulder who became surprise. “It’s not a big deal to admit that you’re in love or dating Destiny because a mare friend as you claim to be cannot shed tears the way you did back at the scene. Don’t be afraid or take me as someone who will snatch him from you. He’s just a friend, a good one for that matter, nothing else” she concluded.

“Thank you” Daria also concluded as an afterthought.
Prince Victor entered his new house the one Ebube took forcefully. He didn’t like the way some things were not in order. He rushed upstairs to the last room and opened it just to see the paper Ebube kept on the bed. He opened it, read and put it inside his pocket then ordered the maids to clean up the house.
Back to the palace, the prince moved to and fro with his hands behind him. Before then, he had already sent a guard to call the elders.
“My prince” the guard returned. “The elders refuse to come” he said.

“I have no idea my prince”
“You are the cause!!” the chief priest entered with his eyes widely opened. “You must send each of them Kolanut as an apology. ” he moved forward and hit his staff on the floor. “The message i bring to you from the gods is; never try to avenge your father’s dearth otherwise you’ll end up like him. You must find a wife in the next thirty-one days before you’ll be coronated as the next king of Obioha kingdom”
“What if i don’t find a wife in the next thirty-one days?” the prince asked.
“Then you’ll marry any woman presented to you by the gods” the chief priest concluded and went out.
Few hours later, Daria returned home. She found her parents sitting quietly in the sittingroom on different couches. Instead of proceeding inside, she stood at the door.
“Good evening father and mother” she greeted.

“Are you back?” the father asked but Daria kept quiet. “How’s your friend?” he added.
“Father, you mean Lana?”
“Okay, how’s your boyfriend?”
“Father, i don’t know who you are talking about” Daria replied and glanced at her mother.

“Okay, how’s Red?”
“He’s doing fine, father?”
Mr Alfred stood up and adjusted his trouser up too. He looked at Daria and said, “You, you, you will but put me into trouble in this land. By the way, how did you know that Red’s body doesn’t resist bullets anymore?”
“Hum.. father.. i.. It’s a long story” Daria replied.

“Woman, listen to her story coz i don’t have time for stories” Mr Alfred told his wife then walked out.
The true identity of Red as Destiny Ebube Desmond Obinna became known to everybody because it was on television and radio. He was also identified as the one who escaped from prison, and they wanted him back to prison when he recovers after which he will be judged in court for the second time.
Prisca on he other hand began to avoid Austine. She saw him on the way then passed without even a greeting.
“Prisca” Austine called her but she continued moving shaking her butt for him. “Prisca, what’s happening?” Austine pursued her. He finally met her and stopped her.

“Austine, what?!” Prisca exclaimed..

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