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Arrested by love - Season 1 - Episode 20
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The sound of the gunshot gradually died down. Nobody expected blood splash from Ebube’s body talk more of falling on the ground. Therefore, both the soldiers and the seven men became silent in amazement. Just then, Daria arrived. She saw Ebube lying face-up on the floor and shouted with the last strength she had, “Ebube!!!” Those who heard the name wondered when Red became Ebube. Nobody tried to stop her as she rushed him on the floor because all were still surprise why a bullet killed Ebube whose body had resisted several powerful bullets.
“Ebube, please, don’t leave me” Daria began as she placed Ebube’s head on her two thighs. His eyes were closed and blood stain could be seen on his stomach, even the tears on his face were not yet dried. “No, you don’t have to die, wake up, i beg you!” Daria cried as she cleaned the tears from his face. She looked at the crowed of people who were watching her and said, “I told you he’s innocent, now you’ve killed him” she looked at Ebube again and began to touch his cheek. “Please, wake up, don’t live me. If not for anybody but for me, i beg you. No!” she cried.

Meanwhile, people have approached to the scene even Austine who slightly became jealous and wondered how Daria knew Ebube that much. Lana also arrived, she disdained Austine when she saw him then moved forward to have a good look at Daria and Ebube. Instantly, she began to shed tears too if not for any reason, for the fact that Ebube left her untouched the day she cooked noodles for him.

On the other hand, the commander of the soldiers was seen making a phone called-Mrs Linto was calling him.
At the resident of Mrs Linto, she stood at the window making the call while Amara kept watching the television and wondering who Daria is.
“..Is he dead already?” Mrs Linto asked on the phone. Hearing that, Amara did not only turned to her mother but walked closer to her too. As she stared at her, the mother gently brought down the phone from her ear.
“Mummy, what’s going on?”
“He’s dead”

“No, Mummy!” Amara glanced at the television again. “Destiny can’t just die like that” she picked up her cell phone and walked towards the door.
“Where do you think you are going to?!” the mother asked her angrily.
“I’m going to the scene, mummy!” Amara replied standing at the door.
“Are you crazy?! This man killed your father for goodness sake!” the mother shouted but Amara stared at her quietly for a while before walking downstairs. “Amara! Amara!” the mother called but there was no reply.
Back to the scene where Daria was still crying her eyes out, the commander walked closer trying to drag Daria out but Ebube opened his eyes to their amazement then the commander left the place instantly to call Mrs Linto again.

“Da..ria” Ebube stammered in a very low voice.

“Ebube! Oh my God! Thank goodness your alive!” Daria shouted touching his cheeks.
“I’m happy to die on your thighs”
“No, don’t say like that. You’re not going to die”

“I love you” Ebube concluded and closed his eyes.

“No! Please, take him to the hospital!” Daria looked at the commander who was coming to do so, not because Daria told him but because that was the order given to him by Mrs Linto. Before they could carry Ebube up, three vehicles arrived. The one at the middle carried Amara while the other two were escorts.

Amara also rushed Ebube who was still lying on Daria’s thighs. “Take him inside the car now! We are going to the hospital” she commanded.

“Thank you, ma” Daria said in tears as she helped them carry Ebube up but totally left him for the soldiers afterwards.

Without wanting to know who Daria is, Amara walked back to her car where Ebube was also carried to. Before she entered, Daria came to her and said, “Please ma, can i follow you people to the hospital?”

“Bring her along” Amara ordered her escort as an afterthought.
“Thank you, ma” Daria followed the escort in another car then they drove to the hospital, even the soldiers.


Everybody went home while the seven men went to the palace and told prince Victor all that happened.

Austine needed a quiet time, so he went home and sat on a chair with his hands folded. He couldn’t just stop thinking about the unexpected drama performed by Daria.
Even Mr and Mrs Alfred suddenly became calm at their daughter’s actions. They couldn’t just put a finger on why she had to cry twenty-four hours for Ebube and also why Ebube’s body suddenly accepted a bullet. Then Mr Alfred remembered her daughter’s words the previous night when he told her Ebube’s body resist bullets: NOT ANYMORE, FATHER.


Odem picked up the topic at Mama wine’s shop looking very drunk. “I guess why Red received that bullet is because he didn’t take enough palm wine. That’s why I’m trying so hard to make sure my stomach is filled with palm wine. But if Red dies, i will paint this whole kingdom red. Wicked people!” he concluded and ordered another bottle of wine.

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