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Arrested by love - Season 1 - Episode 2
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There was a total tranquility in the
parlour after Daria came back standing
beside the door.
“Daria, where are you coming from by
this time of the night?” the father asked.
“Father, i.. i went to save a life” Daria
replied adjusting backword then the
father glanced at his wife who began to
dance in a bitter feelings. One could her
fallen breats flinging up and down.
“You went to save a life” the father
repeated. “When did you become James
Bond? Whose Life did you go to save by
the way?”

“Austin’s life” Daria replied again in fear.
“You see your daughter?” Mr Alfred
turned to his wife. “Just listen to what
she’s saying. That same boy that nearly
put her into trouble the other day is
who she went to save tonight”
“Hey, Daria!” the mother exclaimed.
“Now listen to me Daria or Dairy,
whatever you call yourself” the father
began. “Any day you leave this house
again at this time, I’ll send you packing.
Now get inside!” Daria ran into her
room immediately. “Life saver! James
Bond! You have suddenly become
actor!” Mr Alfred turned to his wife.
“Warn your daughter” he concluded and
went into his room while the wife met
Daria in her room changing her cloth.
“Daria, what has come over you?!” the
mother moved closer.

“Mother, I’m sorry, but i had to know
Austin’s condition” Daria replied holding
the cloth in her hand. One could see her
in pant only.

“This Austin will put u into trouble one

day! Don’t say i didn’t warn you!”
“I’m sorry, mother”
“Sorry for yourself” the mother
concluded as she left the room.



The news of what happened the
previous night spread all over the land. It
was in the lips of both young and old.
One of the two men at a local joint
playing draft suddenly folded his hands.
“God, let it not be true” he said.
“What is it?” the other partner asked.
“Are you the only one who didn’t hear
the motorcycle that drove last night?”
“I heard it! It seems Red visited our land
last night because only his motorcycle
has that powerful sound”
“That’s my fear! If at all Red has come
into our land, there must be a big

“I fear the consequences”
“Both of you shut up your mouths!”
Odem, popularly known as the Wine
interrupted them. He was the most
drunkard in the village. One could see
him with a bottle of wine and his
trouser properly dragged up to his
stomach. “You boys are bunch of lazy
fools!” he added as he staggered
towards the two men.

“The Wine, what brought this insult this
morning?” Kenneth, one of the men

“Close your trap! So you people heard
everything that happened last night but
never went to check! Heeii.. wicked

“Who would have come out that night to
face Red?” Fred, the next guy asked.
“You see your selfish life” Odem
staggered forward again. “But someone
came out that night to save life! Oh..!” he
stared into the sky.
“Who came out that night?” Kenneth
asked curiously.
“The one who love has eaten deep into
her heart. Chai…” Odem replied.
“The Wine, you are confusing us the

“I never said anything” Odem concluded.
“Don’t mind this man, let’s play our
game” Fred told Kenneth.


Prisca had a dark charming complexion.
She dresses classic and sexy which
explains the wealthy background of her
parents. She walked briskly to Austin’s in
jean trouser and a top which she tied
with a bold belt across her stomach
thereby giving her ‘A figure eight shape.’
She met Austin outside his house
amending his wound.
“Hey, Austin!” Prisca shouted and
hurried up. “What happened to you?”
“Hi, Prisca” Austin gently replied. “I was
attacked by a criminal last night” he

“I thought as much coz i heard you
shouting but i couldn’t come out to help

“Is okay, thanks anyway” Austin brought
her a seat grinning widely and happily.
“I heard is Red” Prisca sat down.
“Yes, how did you know?”
“Who doesn’t know the almighty Red
who has done disastrous things in
nearby towns and villages? Of course
the sound of his motorcycle made his
identify obvious”

“I was surprise when he mentioned his
name” Austin looked at her. “Thanks for
coming” he added.

“Welcome. Let me help you dress the
wound” Prisca suggested.
“No, don’t” Austin insisted.

“I don’t want you to stain your beautiful
hands” Austin grinned again. The smiles
on his face sent a signal to Prisca who
smiled too. Just then, Daria walked in
with her friend, Lana. Both in skirts.

Seeing them, the smiles on Austin’s face
stopped while that of Prisca lingered.
“Good morning, Austin” Daria greeted as
she walked briskly to him. She totally
ignored Prisca’s presence. “How’s the

“It’s getting better” Austin replied and
glanced at Prisca while Lana stood aside
observing them with her hands folded.
“Sorry, you will get better” Daria stood
up then look at Prisca. “Hi Prisca, what
are u doing here?”

“The same thing u are doing here”
Prisca replied..

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