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Arrested by love - Season 1 - Episode 15
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The soldiers at the resident of Linto were strong enough to give Ebube hard time. The one Ebube requested the key of the gate from refused to give it to him thereby resulting to a fight. Yet, the soldiers inside the compound kept shooting at him carefully not to kill their own member. A time came when the use of guns became useless and all began to fight him bone to bone and with other weapons. Though, they hit him very hard but Ebube killed some and rendered some cripple. He met the one incharge of the key, collected it and opened the gate. He began to move heroically to face the other soldiers inside the compound who began to shoot him again.
Meanwhile, Linto had been watching the battle from upstairs through a window. He had an average height and a dark complexion. Seeing strange Ebube, he called more soldiers and other militants. He had his wife and children with him in the uppermost room. All shivered in fear when they heard someone banging the door seriously. The children began to cry.

“Take the children inside!” Linto ordered his wife. Before the wife could carry out the order, the door broke open and Ebube entered in his hugeness and scary mask. The sword never departed from his hand.

The children and Linto’s wife shouted and la!d flat on the floor without being told while Linto himself stood still.
“You..” Ebube pointed his sword at him. “You had my father killed, why?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t even know who you are” Linto said then Ebube took off his mask slowly.

“You set me up and had me put in jail for a crime i did not commit” Ebube gradually began to move forward. “As if that was not enough, you killed my father and set our house on fire”
Linto gradually went on his knees stretching his hand piteously. “Please..”
“Shut up!” Ebube interrupted him with a loud voice that increased the cry of the children. “You made me suffer in jail for something i didn’t do!! I risk my life because of you!! I did horrible and incredible things because of you!! I have wasted lives because of you! Tell me, what did my family do to you?” he began to shed tears.
“Please, it’s politics. Your father was my opponent and i knew he would have won the Senate election with his kindness. That’s why i had to send for his execution through his friend Lucas Ikedi” Linto confessed.
“So you killed an innocent man because of his kindness in the name of politics? You’re wicked” Ebube wore his mask again.
“Please, forgive me” Linto pleaded but found his legs leaving the ground when Ebube carried him up with a hand and cut his stomach open. Blood splashed. As if that was not enough, he put him on his shoulder, looked through the window to see militants and their vehicles outside waiting for him. Without fear, he moved towards the door, glanced at the wife and children after a slide turn then walked downstairs.

In front of the house, inside the compound, Ebube dropped Linto on the ground at the very sight of all the soldiers both dead and alive then picked a gun.
“Drop all your weapons now!!” a soldier’s voice sounded from a mega-phone as all positioned their guns waiting for a command.

Ebube ignored them. He looked at Linto who was dying gradually and shot him several bullet on his head. It piecesed.
“Fire!” the voice came from the mega-phone again and gunshots was heard at different angle. All directed to Ebube who slowly dropped the gun and began to walk towards the gate heroically. He totally ignored them, jumped on his motorcycle, “Croom croom” he sped off and they pursued him.
Back to the land of Obioha, people shouted for the death of their king in amazement. However, the news circled that king Lucas was a bad person.
“No wonder he was the reachest king that ever reigned in this land?” one of the elders had said. “Abomination!” he had added.
Due to the critical news and unstable nature of the land, everybody remained indoors but Daria was nowhere to be found. Mr Alfred, the father ran back home with a walking stick. “Elizabeth! Mama Daria oh!” he called his wife.
“My husband, did you see Daria?” the wife came out.

“I’ve searched all the in and out of this land but couldn’t her!”
“Chim oh! What has come over that girl?”
“You’re asking me? I must make sure i kill both her and anything that has come over her!” the father concluded angrily and went inside the house.


At the same hour, Ebube’s motorcycle and the militants’ vehicles were heard as all ran into the land. Yet, they kept shooting at him until he reached his house and locked the door. Daria’s heart skipped when she heard both the sound of gunshots and the door, so she stood up.

Few seconds later, Ebube entered the room then Daria rushed to the wall fearfully.
“Red?” she called.

Ebube stared at her for a moment, threw his sword on the floor and slowly sat on the edge of the bed breathing heavily. Then Daria left the wall and stood before him..

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