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Arrested by love - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Hearing the knock at the door, Ebube picked up his sword and began to walk down the staircase. Daria could hear his footsteps from outside coming like a giant. So she adjusted backward in fear. Before her very eyes, the door cracked open and Ebube’s scaring mask is what she saw first and shouted, “My God!”

Even Ebube was surprise to see her again.
“Good evening.. Red?” Daria greeted him. Though, she couldn’t see his face but knew he was staring her. Without saying a word, Ebube closed the door. “Please, talk to me, your life is in danger!” Daria shouted bitterly knocking at the door continuously. “I know who bears that name!” she added.
Hearing that, Ebube opened the door again forcefully and dragged Daria into the room, flung her on the bed then bounced on her in a way he held her throat positioning the sword to cut her.

“What do you know about the name? Speak!”
“You are hurting me” Daria couldn’t talk because she was losing her breath. She held Ebube’s hand trying to disengaged it from her throat but couldn’t.
“Who has the name? Speak!” Ebube shouted again.
“O.. ou.. our.. ki.. king” Daria stammered with her last breath then Ebube released her instantly. She began to caugh holding her throat and shedding tears. Ebube locked her inside the room and rushed out to his motorcycle. “Croom Croomm” he sped off to the palace.
On the other hand, Victor, the king’s son and also the prince just returned from abroad. Elder Thomas, Ben, the king and the queen stood outside to welcome him as he just came out from a car. Maids could be seen taking his luggage inside the house.

“Father!” the prince hugged his father. He was quite handsomen especially in his outfit: a red suit over a red jean trouser and white shoes which matched with the colour of his cap and pair of eyeglasses. All were happy to see him but before the gateman could close the gate, Ebube drove in. He jumped down from his bike moving towards the king angrily.
“Father, who is he?” victor asked but nobody gave him an answer. Meanwhile, the two elders had ran inside the house. Victor wanted to block Ebube but he cut him deep on the leg and kicked him aside. He grabbed the king out, threw him on the ground too and placed one of his legs on his big stomach
“Leave my husband alone!” the queen cried coming closer to Ebube.
“Back off woman!” he shouted at her then looked at the king. “What do you know about chief Desmond Obinna?” he asked.
“I don’t know what you are talking about” the king replied.

“Lair! What of the one you killed in cold blood in Ihe kingdom right inside his bedroo..?” a gunshot interrupted Ebube-Victor shot him with a gun he hid under his suit. Ebube left the king walking to Victor who kept shooting at him until Ebube took the gun from him and slapped him in a way he fell on the floor again.

“Your father killed my only hope! He murdered him!!” Ebube shouted and turned back to the king. He pointed the gun at him to shoot but king Lucas shouted, “Please, don’t kill me! Yes, i killed Desmond. I was paid to do that because we were too close. I believe you are his son, Ebube the one that escaped from prison. Please, i beg you, don’t kill me”
“What?!” the queen shouted.

Everybody became surprise and speechless at the same time. Elder Thomas and Ben were no different from the maids who watched everything that was happening through the window.

“Who sent you?” Ebube asked.
“A politician”
“I need his exact name and location”
“His name is Linto Innocent lives in your kingdom too. He’s also the reason why you were sent to prison” King Lucas clarified then Ebube put two bullets in his stomach. Blood splashed and he died instantly. Without wasting time, Ebube climbed his motorcycle, “Croom Croom” he sped off to Ihe kingdom, his own kingdom.
The queen could be seen crying beside her dead husband and the elders coming out like ghosts.
“Aru emeh!” elder Ben exclaimed holding his staff with two hands and looking upward.
“This is unbelievable!” elder Thomas added.
On the other hand, Daria had fully regained herself looking for a way to get out but she couldn’t. She pushed, screamed and hit the door hardly but nobody heard her. When she got tired, she sat on the bed breathing heavily.
The resident of Linto Innocent in Ihe kingdom was a storey building painted with white paint. It had a low fence with electrified wire round it. At every angle of the building were soldiers guiding it every twenty-four hours. Before they knew it, Ebube arrive and began to walk towards the gate.
“Stop right there!” one of them commanded as all positioned their guns to shoot him but he kept moving angrily. “Fire!” they began to shoot him. The more they shot, the faster Ebube walked. He totally ignored them until he reached the gate and found it locked. He looked at the nearest soldier and said, “Open the gate” When the soldier hesitated, he brought out his sword..

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