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Amanda the (President’s wife ) - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I was transfixed on the same spot with all my body shaking staring agape at the confused Agatha, yes she was most murderously staring at me.. “so you don’t have to knock again” Amanda said calmly with anger tone as she held my hand to my surprise…

you are the only one who knows about Jason am I right?, I think you should be more careful how you do around here, get out of my sight before I lose my temper *she lashed out in a cool angry tone*

Agatha apologized then walked away even though I was still scared and my conscience won’t let me be…

I told you it wasn’t a good idea, Amanda look we have to stop this right now,we don’t even know if Agatha will expose us..

She stared at me for few seconds before tears trickled down her face, before I could say any more word, she landed me a hot slap while I staggered backward…

I staked everything just for our love and you are here blabbering about ending everything, Jason we are in this together, we are lovers like it or not, as for Agatha leave her to me. You just spoiled my mood, now leave…

I walked out of her room rubbing my red cheek..chaii…that slap ehn!… Yes, I sat on my bed thinking about my doomed life… Of course I was very confused, obviously I have stayed indoor more than an hour and I was still thinking about this when knocks landed on my door… “come in” I said with a low tone… Allison then walked inside and closed the door… I was not so surprised until she sat beside me on my bed…mighty Allison?…”bro” she called jokingly while I let out a smile…

Allison: something wrong?

n…othing *i stammered*
Yeah not as expected.. My heart started beating excruciatingly that I feared I’ll be dead if it continues to beat like that….

I was wondering if you eerm could go out with me, I don’t really know anywhere in Nigeria…

su…re *i stammered again*

“thank you”
she said with great happiness filled her eyes to the extent she pecked my cheek before she exited my room…something tells me I was more happy as I ran to my wardrobe… We went to different places or let me say I took her to different places…i got to know know many things about her especially the relationship part and yes I fed her lies in return and she seems to believe it…
Later in the night,,I was on my bed reminiscing my account with Allison and smiling to myself,,I was still in the state of my madness when an unsaved foreign number called me and I picked it at the third ring…

agent jay

Recognising the voice as Mr President’s,,I quickly sat well composed…

yes Mr President

I hope there is no problem..

none sir

keep home safe, I’ll be back soon

Me: with my life sir..

He hung up while I tossed my phone aside trying to continue my sweet imagination..soft knocks suddenly landed on my door… I quickly jumped up and opened the door thinking it was Allison but I was surprised to see Amanda in her nightie…she entered without even asking for permission,,oh she is the First Lady, my bad.. I quickly closed the door with the fear of being caught together again…

what are you doing here?

am I not welcome here? Jason are you pushing me away? After all we’ve done together

no Amanda, that’s not what I mean?

so what did you mean? *standing akimbo*

Me: you might be seen entering my room.. You know,,it’s not safe for us

don’t be like this Jason, okay I was wrong and am sorry,, I love you Jay, how can I let you go?

She held my hand staring in my eyes pitifully…oh don’t show me that face…

but you are… *she cut in*

shh, I know am this country president’s wife….but Jason our love matters most,, you are the only one in my heart, I can’t help it, I can’t stop loving you…

let’s ju…st stop this *i stammered*
She looked into my eyes for few seconds “you are scared aren’t you” she asked while I failed to answer even though it was obvious that was the case…

it’s late, rest well,, I’ll need your energy soon.. See you tomorrow…

She dropped my hand then headed to door but suddenly stopped “and be careful of Allison she is very smart” she said with jealousy mixed with anger tone then walked out leaving me speechless.. I sat down on my bed then breathed heavily…chaii.. I picked up my phone and decided to surf the internet just to clear my head but I can’t believe what I saw… My pictures with Allison was all over the internet with the rumour of the First Lady’s brother dating an Hollywood star… What?….”did you see that” came in Allison message on whatsapp, yes we’ve already exchanged contacts…”yes I do” I replied her…

“oh I wish it was possible” she replied shocking me like emp… “I mean we could become good friends” she quickly replied her own message and doesn’t wait for me to reply before she wished me goodnight then went offline while I smiled and later unknowingly slept off…

The next day which was Friday for me was the most stressful day in my life… I and Amanda went to different places to perform the role of a First Lady..i was also interviewed in my occasions regarding my relationship with Allison and of course I denied the rumour and can see “that’s how you do it baby” smile on Amanda face,, Agatha on the other hand kept muted even though I caught her many times stealing glances at me which made me wonder if she was planning to murder me….

Night came as always as I was lying on my bed playing games when suddenly a message entered my phone..i quit the game immediately to check the message… “come to my room now….and be prepared” yes, the sender was Amanda… I sighed then dropped my phone… I opened my door successful to see what I wasn’t planning to see… Allison in sleeveless underwear-like cloth and a short skirt about knocking… I stared extremely surprised while she released her killer smile pushing my brow up… “are you expecting someone” she asked with her usual smile while I was still staring surprisingly……Chaii…what to do now?

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Oct 18, 2018
pls nau...update the next episode fast..
Oct 22, 2018
please next episode as soon as possible
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