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Alone - Season 1 - Episode 24
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Me: Did you talk to me now?

Surprisingly, my voice was calm
He came close to me and held my hands. It reminded me of the days we spent, visiting all the malls in Enugu, all the eateries, showing off our love to the world. I shook those thoughts out of my mind as tears were already forming at the back of my throat.

Gospel: Baby you know I love you and I’ll always love you. Its just that circumstances beyond my control seems to be against us. I….

Me: Uhm…. Its alright. Just forget it.

Gospel: Not until you forgive me. I know I chose the wrong words. I didn’t just know how to explain things to you so you’ll understand me.

Me: Understand that you have needs as a man and you refused to share with me? You said you love me, what happened? Aren’t you the right person to help me get out of whatever fear it is I dwell in? Did you ever try to? No you did not. Instead, you started avoiding me and bringing in girls who I’m way better than…. Gospel its not fair.

Gospel: Baby you know I’m not good with words. You know I…..

Me: I know that. And I also know your likes of ladies, your best sex positions. I also know you screw girls without protection. Gospel I hate you. Get this thing clear, for every tear I shed for you,you’ll get back in tenfold.

He held me close this time, tears falling from his eyes and I looked away, fighting with my own tears. I am strong,of course I am.

Gospel: Baby please I’m sorry. Forgive me.

Me: Let me go now. Just let me go.

Gospel: You know I can’t let you go. You know that. I love you so much and will do anything to make you happy.

Me: Fine. Make me happy by leaving me alone. Leave my life alone. Just let me be.

His hands left me immediately and I turned back and ran up the stairs counting the third person I loved so much who had left me all alone……Dadd
y, Emeka and Gospel….

They were all gone….gone for good.

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