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Alone - Season 1 - Episode 19
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School became fun for me. Rose, Kamsi and I were the talk of the school, among the 100 level students. People who didn’t know us started seeking our attention. We were not only beautiful but intelligent. I never for once allowed all that get into my head. My only problem now was Nenye. She seemed to be in a competition with me and try as hard as I could, I couldn’t figure out what the competition was all about. On the other hand, Gospel had travelled and we were kind of distant. His calls came once in a blue moon and I was very worried.

I was in my room,going through a magazine when my phone rang. The number looked so familiar but I couldn’t place it.

Me: Hello.

Mummy Joy: Yes. Hope you figure out who you’re speaking with.

Me: Mummy?

Mummy J: Save that. Heard you’re now living the life of a goddess. Don’t forget who you are and what you are. Your life is made to be miserable and so….

Me: God forbid that. I’m the image of God and whosoever declares war on the anointed shall get war in tenfold

There was silence from the other end so I continued.

Me: I can’t forget who I am. I can’t do that because I have people who feed from my wealth. You should be grateful I’ve not come for my properties.

Mummy J: Wow. The girl has learnt to talk. I wonder what they feed you….

Me: Love mummy. They feed me with love, the love that you never gave me, that is what they feed me with. I’ll advice that you stop calling me so I won’t get angry and remember all you did to me.

I hung up and walked out of the room. I was angry, very angry with myself. I stormed into the sitting room and met mummy (Mrs Kalu). She was taking a call and immediately she saw me, she ended the call.

Mrs k; Young woman, what’s the matter?
I went close and sat down beside her

Me: Its mummy.

Me: The twin’s mother?

I briefly told her about the call and she flared up, threatening thunder and brimstones. I felt relieved, at least, she’s got my back and I was sure that she’ll never let anything happen to me.

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