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Alone - Season 1 - Episode 18
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You’re a brave soldier girly.
Kamsi and I laughed.

Rose: So I’ve being following you girls, thinking of a way to start a conversation but you stopped here and I decided to stop as well.

Kamsi: Oh!

Me: Hope there’s no problem

Rose: Not at all. I’ve just being seeing you girls around for some days now and I love your closeness. I just want to be friends with you two.

My phone rang and I brought it out from my handbag. It was a blackberry passport which Gospel had gotten me two weeks ago. It was Kenneth calling.

Me: Hi Ken.

Ken: Hey sis,where are you two? Being calling Kammy but she didn’t pick up.
I glanced at Kamsi but she was saying something to the new girl.

Me: Uhm, she turned it off before we went in for lecture but we’re on our way home now.

Ken: Okay. Hope you both are safe?

Me: We’re at the bus stand beside school gate actually.

Ken: I came around to see someone. Wait for me there and I’ll come and pick you both.

Me: Okay then. Don’t keep us waiting.

I hung up and let the girls in on what’s happening. We decided to take pictures before he arrives. We were having fun with ourselves when our (I’m now part of the family so everything is ours now) red spider stopped just in front of us and Kenneth came down. We all turned to him and Rose stared at him for a while before shouting;

Rose: Ken!

Ken: Rose

It was our turn to stare as we looked at them hug each other like long lost friends.

Ken: Where in God’s name have you being?

Rose: Sweetheart, I’ve being here. Its you who just disappeared.

Ken: Baby its not that. What……

Kamsi: Hello! Like you both have forgotten that we’re here.

Me: I don’t know for these two.
Ken and Rose smiled.

Ken: Sorry girls. Meet Rose, my sweetheart from forever. Rose, those are my sisters, Kammy and Amanda.

Rose: They’re your sisters?
Kammy and I nodded with smiles on our faces.

Ken: So how come you all are here? Like you know each other?

Kamsi: We just met here. She schools here as well, department of social sciences.

Ken: Wow. Wow. I’m glad to hear that you’re finally in this our Enugu.

Rose: Come on. I’ve always being here. You know online dating doesn’t work this days.
Finally I got it, they had met online. Kamsi and I just shifted and got busy with our own topic and left the two lovers to talk for a while. After about thirty minutes, they remembered they were with us.

Ken: Girls, let’s go home. Rose lives at GRA so we’ll go there and drop her before going home.

We all agreed and got into the car, leaving the front seat for our new friend/brother’s girlfriend.

Personally, I was glad that Ken had gotten over Nenye. Goodness knows how they even fell for each other sef.

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