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Alone - Season 1 - Episode 17
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We had finished eating and was about stepping out when four girls walked in and stopped in front of us. I looked up at there faces and was I surprised to see Nenye with them?

Kamsi: And what’s the meaning of this?
I stood there, staring at each of their faces. I remembered two of the girls. They used to visit Nenye back then at home.

Nenye: I’m not here for you. I’m here for my sister.

Kamsi scoffed and shook her head. Everyone in the cafe had turned there attention to us.

Kamsi: Did you just call her your sister?

Nenye: Of course she is my sister who your family took away from us.
Kamsi looked at me and smiled. She held my hand and we walked away. We got to the door and she left me and returned to them.

Kamsi: You’re lucky. Very lucky that I’m in a good mood today, if not,I would have beaten you black and blue here and this nitwits you call friends won’t do anything about it. Spoilt daughter of Jezebel.

Nenye: Never you call me or my mother names or….

Kamsi: Or what? What will you do? I’ve even forgotten that you’re a student of this school so watch closely. I’m sure you barely recognised Amanda. That’s what love and care can do to someone so stick your fingers into your ass and watch how beautiful her life is now. Stop us any other day and I’ll have you locked up. Bi’tch.

Kamsi approached me and we walked out of the cafe and headed towards school gate.

Kamsi: That girl! I’ll so deal with her. Because we didn’t file a case against them right.

Me: You’re angry. Calm down.

We got to the bus stand and sat down.

Me: Kammy, why are you angry now? She’s not worth it.

Kamsi: I know but a part of me tells me that they’re up to something. My instinct can never lie to me.

Me: I….

Rose: Excuse me please.

Kamsi and I turned to see a girl of our age. She was pretty and average in height. She was dressed in a jean short, jean snicker and a while crop top. Her jean jacket was tied to her waist. She had money written all over her.

Kamsi: Hi.

Rose: I’m Rose, from the department of social sciences.

Kamsi: I’m Kamsi. This is my sister and best friend, Amanda, we’re both studying radiology.

Rose: Oh wow. Nice meeting you.

We shook hands with her and she sat down between us.

Rose: So, I was sitting down at the cafe where the show down had happened.

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