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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 5
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I love you, but i can’t be your girlfriend, *she said* then took her handbag and left the eatery. I could not understand why she refuse my proposal and why she was talking about risking life, but she confess that shee love me, but why can’t she just accept that was the question i kept asking myself. It was a bright and beautiful thursday morning and we were having BIO 101, the lecturer was so creaky through out his teaching, i can confess i did not enjoy his class. How far? *Greg said*. Bros i dey oh *i replied*. How you see the lecturer na, I nor just enjoy am at all, i come just sleep go for back *Greg said*. Just then Vivian was drag out of the class by a guy, i have not seen that guy before and he was dragging her against her wish, i was really angry, i deecided to find out why he was draging her like that, i started walking towards them, i could hear Greg telling me to stop, Going to interupt them means trouble *Greg said* I was so angry to understand what he was saying. I got to were they were, i could see how scared vivian was, that alone got me angry. Hey guy who do you think you are to treat a lady like that?? *I asked bodly* I could see disbelief written all over his face. Did you just talk to me, *he asked* Yes ofcourse, i was talking to you, can’t you just leave her alone rather than treating her like a piece of s.hit, i could see it got Vivian more scared. I myself was wondering why she was looking that scared, that was soon cut short, when i receive a resounding slap from another guy which made me to see stars twinkling. You dey mad ni? na Shege you they talk to like that?? That was when i realise that i was in for a big deal,that i was dealing with cultist, before i knew what was happening they drag me into their car and drove off, taking Vivian along, they gave me the beating of my life, i tried fighting them, but how can i be compare to three grown muscular men, they drove into a compound drag me out, that was when i realise that they were all on black, they also drag Vivian out. Guess what happened next!

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