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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 3
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By the look of things, these guys are ready to kill, though i don’t understand their slang, but the way they stood i knew what they want me to do, kai which kind life be this, abi na bad thing to they muscular?? After driving for sometime, we came close to a big compound, they drove in. “Jazz out my friend”, that was the voice of the same guy, when i came down i saw a lot of boys with guns, battle axe and other weapon, i was so scared, it look as if my bladder could no longer hold my urine again, i was taken to the cappon, he was not that tall but muscular with dark lips, i guess it was due to exccessive smoking, because right there he was holding a wrap of what we call igboo(weed), the two guys pulled me to my knees. Look me in the eye boy cappon said, i nor they play, my name na Don Nero, na me they kpokpoti for this place, this na my cabba, tell me who cap you? This time i was still looking at him when a resounding slap landed on my face, tears dropping down from my eyes, I look at the guy who slap me he was more fiercer than the other guy, he was one of the guys that brought me. Who cap you Don Nero said again, this time to be forewarn is to be forearm, i really need to say something, even if i was totaly confuse Sir……sir…… I stammered, i don’t understand, Don Nero started laughing so with the rest of the group that have gathered around Which unbrella cover you? *Don Nero said again impatiently*. Now he is getting everything worst, i don’t remenber covering myself with an umbrela, When he saw the look on my face,

This wan na jew oh he said, as e be so, i want make you join me, the vikings confraternity, i Don Nero wan throw you on board, i want make you rugged i want make you they sail with us, for this night so, i go confra you myself, I have to say something before things change on me, plea… Pl..please i…i….i. Dont want to join cult please, You say watin, abi you want make i throw you overboard, you nor fear you open your wide mouth say you nor go join? Abi you wan chop slap nii?

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