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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 24
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I held on to my pisto, i gently open the door, to my surprise i saw vivian tied to the bed post, i survey the room for any trap, when she saw me she started crying, she could not talk because her mouth was tied, i quickly lose her, she held on to me as if her life depends on it

What happen? I ask

They came she said

Who? I ask again
Men in black, she said

I need no seer to tell me it was the black cat, indeed it was them, but why tie her and leave her, something is not right
Did they touch you i ask

No, but they wanted to she said
Now RELAX.. Tell me what happen
I was in my room this morning cleaning my room, when i heard a knock, when i open the door, two huge guys push me back, one holding a gun and the other was holding nothing, they push me to the bed, one of the guy held my hand to the bed, while the other with the gun, dropped his gun

The guy started pulling down his trouser, when suddenly i heard a loud thund, the guy trying to rape me was hit, they were so busy that they did not notice a mask guy entry the room, the two guys ran away..

I thought the mask guy was you, i was surprise when he started tieing me to the bed
Are you telling me that you have been tied to the bed since morning, i ask
Yes she replied

Now the question is, who is that mask guy, my instinct is telling me that this mask guy that save vivian from being rape, was the same guy that save me from death, now who is this guy, just then my phone rang, i look at the screen it was an unknown number
I pick the call

HELLO i said

UNKNOWN: hello is this Scott

ME: yes, you are unto him

UNKNOWN: i want us to meet, it a matter of urgencies

ME: who are you

UNKNOWN: you will know when you meet me, please meet me at back of sexton club house, along salvation street by 10:00am tomorrow

(Hung up)

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