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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 23
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That was the sign, we need no other person to tell us you were dead, but cappon would not believe it, he said it was a crap, he proceed to open the letter, after cappon finish reading he fell on his kneels, he then broke the news that u were dead to the guys, that it was the black cat doing, the boys wre devastated, they wanted to march in group to the black cat base to finish them off, but cappon restrain them,

we went to the location describe in the letter that we will find your body, we got there was blood on the ground but ur body was no were to be found, we thought ebele(police) might have taken ur body, that was how the guys left for the gyration ground in your honour, right now they are in the gyration ground, she said

So what are you doing here i ask
Cappon sent me to collect the Red liquor she said

That was the liquor use in celebrating the passing of a great vikings
I am back no need for the liquor, let go to the gyration ground i said

we got to the gyration ground, the whole place was covered with smoke, i could see their eyes bloodshot, no doubt they have been smoking their lives out
Cappon you rugged i said

They recongnise my voice, they all turn to see the suppose ghost that just arrive, i could see surprise written all over them, the tension was ease down when they saw bella with me, but cappon seems not to be bothered.

My arkman nor fit just die like foul na, this guy na next in line, this na cappon in making, cappon said

Baba you rugged casto greeted, like this so ooh , i be say after this gyration, i go use black cat count your name, dem nor fear them put bullet for your body casto said

I trust you na. I said

My guys came one after the other shaking ma with our sign

Arkman why u lose guard, because say war end you nor come they watch your back, cappon queried

Cappon nor b my fault, na my guy betray me, you know me na auto say matter don end, i nor they lose guard, i said

Wati you dey talk so, say your guy betray you, cappon ask
Yes i replied

”Casto” he called, arrange some men, una go follow that guy up, make una end am, ”scott” he called give them the guy details, he handed over my silver pisto to me
Cappon i nor want make them fall the guy na me wan personaly fall am, i said
No wahala, the matter b say that guy must go down

We drank and celebrated my return, i was not after the black cat as a whole, for their time will come, i was after Greg the traitor
Cosmos i called

You too rugged he reply

I want make you dey with me i wan reach somewere

We left the gyration groung, it was getting darker, i could feel pains in my chest,
I called vivian number it was not going through, i decided to check on her
We got there, i told cosmos to stay in the car, to watch, i went into the compound it was a fence house, sefcontain apartment, i went straight to her lodge,

I could hear mumbling sound inside, i deep my hand into my bag, held on to my pisto.

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