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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 20
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Monday class is the most crucial class of every weeks, because that day all lecturer are always on sit, to perform their duty,

That faithful morning i was coming from class, about 2:00pm in the afternoon, under the hot sun going home, thinking of what to do if i get home,

Suddenly i heard a screeching sound at my back, before i could look at what was happening at my back i was on the ground, i have just been hit by a car, i tried opening my eyes, i could not, it seems my eyes were not part of my body, i succeeded in opening my eyes a little, everywhere around me was turning darker, the light faded out, i was unconscious.

I open my eyes to find myself in a very think bush surrounded by about 20 guys, they were all in black, that was when i realise that i was in a big mess,

CAPILO: wow the almighty BLACK MAN don wake

ME: capilo why, we don end war

CAPILO: shut up, which war, like dis, like dis so, i nor fit end war,

CAPILO: na 6 of my guys una fall, and i hear say na u lead the parade

ME: matter go red oh, u forget who i b

CAPILO: nor too dey in a hurry to die

ME: u forget say na me b the arkman of the greatest vikings, na just only one vikings wey nor get label una fall, you lose six of ur men, but me i am a label vikings just know say the whole black cat are going down

CAPILO: wati una say make i do this kpokpom man

ALL: fall am,

They all shouted, followed by gunshot in the air

I knew my time as come, the black cat played us, they use the peace trick to get me, death is caling

CAPILO: beg for mercy, i fit pardon u

ME: ahahaha u forget say i be labelled Red cap man, i nor they put knee for ground

CAPILO: no wahala nor b me go kill u na my hitman go kill u, make i introduce u to my hitman

I look at the car capilo point at, the door flung open, steping out of it was the greatest shock of my life, if it was a dream i will not want to have that kind dream the second time

CAPILO: hitman end e matter we nor get time

ME: Greg, so u na confirm cap man, na dis umbrella cover u

GREG:sorry scott, this is my hood, u were fighting against me all along

ME: Greg why, u were like a brother to me, if them say make i die , i go for die for you,

If i dream of dieing, i never dreant of dieing in the hands of my best friend, this will b the worst nightmare that would have ever happen to me,

GREG: am sorry scott,

ME: so you were really among them, that night at the party, you sure know how to cover ur track

CAPILO: hitman u dey waste our time
I watch as GREG gently raise his gun at me, point it at my chest, i could see regret in his eyes, tears form in my eyes, i was not crying because i was about to die, bu because i was about to b killed by my best friend, i look up to the sky, that wen i knew the sky was indeed beautiful, the gentle touch of the wind against my skin, i felt theimprtance of wind

Do u think GREG killed SCOTT

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