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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 18
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I could not believe it was Greg, was i dreaming , i saw him running toward the uncompleted building, then he was out of my sight,

We got to our base i could not help but think, what was Greg doing at that place at that time, this can’t be a coincidence, or was he part of the BLACK CAT, i don’t think so because if he was among them, i would have seen him in the party hall, there is only one way to find out, and that is to speak with him, i need to see him i thought,

We celebrated our victory, because four of the black cat went down, i could not help but laugh at how stupid they were to host a party when the war is not yet over, the score is now 6-1, that a good start i thought,

The next day in class i did not see Greg, i knew i have to unravle this revelation, i went to Greg house after the class


GREG: who is that

ME: it me
He recoongnise my voice


GREG: afar

ME: why were you not in clas, i fired

GREG: i nor well, headache dey worry me

ME:hope you don take drugs

GREG: yes
From were i was seating i can tell he was tense, and somthing was not right about him
Wati u come they do for there last night, i ask
Surprising him with my question, ofcourse he knew what i was talking about
SCOTT, if i tell you say i regret why i go there u nor go believe Greg said
Na that wan i ask u, wati u dey do for there i ask again, now sounding angry
Dem invite me come the paty Greg said
See i b like person wey them dey lie to, shebi u know who i b, look i nor go hesitate to put grndnut for your head, so u better tell me wati dey sup i said, sounding more rash

I swear SCOTT, make u believe me them invite me he said

Party wey no jew man nor fit enter na u say them invite u, i ask
Na that babe, that hellen invite, i swear i nor know say na cult party self Greg said
Greg u know say u b my padi, clear me matter, or else….

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