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ACCIDENTAL BABY MAMA - Season 1 - Episode 30
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Sophia helped Mrs Ani, to clean up the dinner plates, they had spent a week together, she had met his siblings Toye, Bernard, Paul and his sister Dupe.

They all got along and although she hadn’t seen him, she felt inside of her that he was coming.

Mrs Ani was showing Chris some photographs, while she washed the dishes and cleared the dining table, Paul had left but not before jokingly asking her hands in marriage and then Mrs Ani had to chase him around with her slippers, it was funny, a grown up man running like Chris while his elder mother chased him. It showed how lively, down to earth and playful they were.

“Sophia, I think you should come here someone has arrived.” Sophia’s heart beat increased a notch as she inhaled the familiar Dan scent.

She decided to ignore the call, because the old lady had teased her sore concerning Dan, and this left her breathless.

“Mummy, don’t mind her, let her be doing shakara there.

When she’s ready, she’ll come out.”
she heard Dan say amidst Chris’ crazed shouts of Daddy.

They had spent a few moments talking, while she cleaned every dirty thing she could find in order to escape.

But fate wouldn’t have it, Dan came in saying he wanted to drink water.

She was just excusing herself, when he gripped her arm and pulled her to himself.

“So how has it been?”
he said, as he ruffled his small dreads and smiled.

“Lovely, your family takes care of me better than you do.” she said, as she turned her head.

“You couldn’t even greet me, not even a welcome kiss.” he whispered, and tried to kiss her.

“Mba, no, no kissing abeg, don’t you respect your mum.” she said as she struggled.

“My mom, abeg, she knows me and what I’m capable of doing here, although a welcome kiss wouldn’t hurt.” he said, as he gave an innocent look.

“You are a bad boy, go and drink your water.” she ignored him and sighed.

“I’m hungry.”
he said, as he eyed her.

“There is ikokore, Ijebu made and then jollof rice with beef. Serve yourself.”
she said as she tried to loosen his grip.

“What nonsense, come on, I’m the hubby here, serve me jare.

And by the way, we have an outing at Olumo rock tomorrow at four, so get ready.”
he said as he left her arm.

“Hey Mr man, you’ve forgotten your water.” she held him back, and left before him.


“Dan, where are we going to actually?”
Sophia was exhausted, they had been climbing, and taking pictures for an hour although she enjoyed every bit of it and the scenery, she was already worn out.

On the other hand Dan looked like he just started.

“We are almost there lazy girl, so what have you been doing?”
he said, as she sat on the bare rock ignoring the tourist guide.

“Eating, caring for Chris, working at an office and getting fat doing that.”
she said, sarcastically. She would kill Dan, he made her do this horror climb with low wedge sandals. She had ignored the little voice that warned her to take her sneakers along.

Now her leg muscles were cramped, Dan rolled his eyes at her and she couldn’t help but giggle as she stood.

“You look like a pretty girl, when you do that.”
she said, as they continued walking with the crowd.

At the middle level of the rocks, there was a small restaurant and Sophia felt happy, when they stopped, but to her surprise Dan took her farther away.

“I thought we were supposed to meet someone.”
she asked, as they moved to an enclosure in the caves.

“Yes, now keep shut, will you, you ask too much questions.”Dan hushed her, as he led her to a grassy area.

A huge blanket with an overhead canopy, a big wicker basket and a waiter waiting on them.

Sophia didn’t understand why all the fuss was made around her, they asked them what they wanted and left.

“Dan I can’t see anyone here.”
Sophia asked, panicked that they had lost their appointment.

Dan opened the basket and was arranging a picnic. Maybe they hadn’t arrived, but it wasn’t until she saw the flowers and her favorite food that it dawned on her that Dan had tricked her into coming here for a date.

“Dan, don’t you dare lie to me, this is a date right?”
she asked.

“Nah, they are coming abi?
Have you seen them.”
Dan said playing along. Sophia sighed as he continued arranging the things in a well placed and orderly manner.

Sophia decided to change the subject, ”So where did you learn this vagant table arrangement?” Dan sat back and admired his work, he then smiled at her. ”Well I was once did menial jobs, so along the line, I learnt this.” he shrugged, like it was no big deal, but to Sophia it was, it was her best picnic arrangement on pinterest.

“Well lets eat then.”
he said, as they ate the delicious snacks and fruit, Dan fed Sophia despite her refusal, and she stole his chicken.

They sat together watching the beautiful sunset and sipping their drinks.

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