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ACCIDENTAL BABY MAMA - Season 1 - Episode 29
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The next months were filled with a lot of work and Sophia had split dropping off Chris at school with Dan, who had been of utmost help. The models were annoying, stuck up early twenties girls who felt they had to press their phone and selfie every hour with any musician they caught.

Now they were complaining that the platform for their catwalk in the video wasn’t aligned right. Cynthia came to tell her.

Sophia had left with strings of thread, silk materials sticking to her while she went to the makeshift studio.

“Hello ladies, I heard there was a problem.”
she entered the icy and white room.

The girls were in groups tittering, she rolled her eyes as one girl pointed out her unnecessary decorations.

“Yes, we expected a live shot with Dugbsy boy and the platform is weak and lacklustre. You can’t expect me to walk on this, I’ll break my fall and I have a show next week in Paris.”
Amanda, the worst of the lot first spoke as she twirled her long brown weave on.

“Okay? Something is wrong with the platform?”
she said, as she stepped gingerly on the platform. It felt normal, all these models dem get for body.

“Yes, duh why are you still staring at us? Get rid of it or do something.”
Pauline, the next in line to Queen Amanda was quick to say.

“There is nothing wrong with the platform, but I’ll call Felix to check it.” she sighed, things she did for business.

Felix adjusted and checked everything to their satisfaction, then they were all anticipating music, the girls complained that they expected a live performance.

“Are you hiding your baby daddy from us? We don’t to have anything to do with him.”
Nadia, the Ghanian, there said spitefully.

“Excuse me, my private affairs aren’t your business. If you have any problem why don’t we get the director to pick from our various models in our catalog on our beck and call?” Sophia said, as the girls looked shock, so they thought that they were irreplaceable.

“As for catwalk, I still recollect my days in secondary school,when I took part in a competition, what’s the name again? You guys still remember Miss Africa teen, and you remember who won.”
the girls gave a collective gasp, there was no way anyone could argue that Sophia wasn’t the former Miss teen Africa with her model stature, but what they didn’t understand was how she became a plus size.

Sophia further shocked them as she strutted and swayed her hips. The girls couldn’t help but admire her, despite her body, she took the runway like she owned it.

They gave her a round of applause as she bowed.

“Sorry Sophia, we mistook you.”
Amanda said, as she hugged Sophia.

“I never knew you modeled.”
Aunty Nike said, as she came with Dan, who winked at her. The girls were giving her knowing looks. She almost wished the ground would swallow her.

“Tell me about it, you should have seen her. You should be a modelling coach.”
Dan teased her, and Sophia rolled her eyes.

“That isn’t my dream. Anyway girls here is your live performance I have work to do. Excuse me.”
Sophia escaped before, they tormented her.


“Mummy, why are we here?”
Chris asked as they entered the compound, Dan had forced her to see his mother and here she was. Well that was the only thing she could do beside opening her legs.

She removed her seat belt and gave Chris, a quick sit still look.

They were in the western part of Nigeria in Abeokuta.

She knew the place, because she had spent a month there with Lasgidi coutures.

The area was for the cream and rich of the society. His mother was a widow and he had lost his dad during his second year in his music career.

She had entered the compound, with a duplex, and a beautiful garden.

An old woman, almost in her sixties wearing a pink lace dress and she tied a pink scarf. She was reading her Bible, on the balcony and she felt absorbed in it.

She looked a bit younger as they drew near, she looked up as Sophia greeted her.

“My dear, how are you? Dan told me you were coming.”
the woman called her, as she knelt to greet her.

“Ma?”Sophia was pleasantly surprised at her warm attitude.

“Come in, let me get you something, is this Chris?” she asked, as she stood to open the door.

“Yes ma,” Sophia said as she followed the woman into the house.

The sitting room was beautiful and well furnished, pictures of the couple, their children and so on.

The woman gave her a tour of the house, slipping stories and memories that made Sophia feel part of the house. She laughed at Dan’s antics when he was little as they talked, while cooking. Chris was watching cartoon and didn’t mind as long as he chewed something, which his granny had provided.

“Sophia, I’m so happy to meet you at last.

My son has said so much about you, and I feel proud of you, I want you to see me as your mother, above all take care of Dan and Chris.”
she concluded as they finished cooking.

Sophia nodded happily, the woman was like a mother and she felt at peace here.

“then can I call you maami.”
she teased and they laughed

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