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ACCIDENTAL BABY MAMA - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Dan had deemed it wise to let Sophia to stew in her juice, instead of chasing her but not for long. He just had to taste her, even it, it was just later. He decided to give her a break, maybe all this things were causing her to have a mental breakdown.


Sophia did not understand Dan, when she meant he should leave, she didn’t mean he should just leave everything he does or wasn’t that what she had always wanted.

That her world comprised of herself and Chris and that she was forcing herself to go out with Dan. Anyway the secret was out, the world had already read meaning to their relationship.

Now he was withdrawing and for like three months she had not seen him, he had only visited Chris in school and at her parents’ place when she was never around.

Worse still, Aunty Nike, the owner of their couture and the CEO, had just declared that some male musicians were looking forward to work with her for the collective Africa SOS video.

She was in charge of designing their outfits, the background, the clothes of the models who would feature in the video and then another group of little children who would be the backup.

Her head was running like a train, she had been up and doing, she had travelled twice to seven different countries, made hotel accommodations, booked flights because Cynthia, the couture’s agent was overbooked.

Boma was also caught up, he had been to Clarence Peters studio a number of times and also trying to take measurements from around Africa.

She was seated, thinking deeply, when Aunty Nike came in to dash her hopes of rest. Dan Ani was coming to help, she almost hissed and said, ”Abi he’s coming to distract me.”

But all she did was to smile and say she would welcome the help while wondering how she’d deal with hundreds of clothes.

Why does Africa have too many male musicians?


Good afternoon sir.”
Sophia said as she adjusted her files on the table, she dared not look up, as her boss Aunty Nike was raving about her good her suit designs were.

She took in his tall height, la!d back dressing and his hair…that hair that her son inherited. She shifted uncomfortably as she motioned him to sit on the sofa, that was how they wanted it here at Nikkin Coutures. Comfort and quality.

“Thank you so much, so I’ll leave you with Sophia. She’s absolutely the best.”
the woman said proudly and winked at her.

“So we meet again Miss Benjamin.”
he said as the woman closed the door leaving poor Sophia to her doom.

“Good afternoon Mr Ani.”
Sophia was shivering as awareness passed through her spines. She straightened her back and gave him a full eye contact.

“I heard your greeting, the first time. You still look as beautiful as ever don’t you.” he said, as he put his hands in his trouser pockets and sauntered like he owned the office.

He sat on the arm of the chair where she was and placed his palm on her lap.

she squealed as the warm contact, got her shivering.

“Maka why?”
his voice was dangerously low and he played with the hem of her skirt.

“Why what?” her brain had ceased functioning when she felt his hands inched towards her thighs.

“There is still one question on my mind, possibly everyone, who knows us tried in their best way to answer. Why did you keep my son from me?” this jolted her, and she tried to stand but he held back her shoulders in a firm grip.

“Please Dan. Look I’m sorry about it, but there was no way that time that I could contact you and I didn’t want a scandal.” she said as she struggled to even her breathing, her clothes were suddenly too tight and her body was flushed.

“I want you. Here. Now.” he whispered, as he continued his onslaught on her. He tugged at her buttons as he tried to kiss her.

Sophia felt her stomach drop, as she tried to push him. Her legs were becoming weak. Her heart was beating erratically. She felt him nudge at her neck.

“Sophia just stop fighting me, stop fighting this, you want me.”
he said, as he cupped her bra through her shirt and bit her ear.

Sophia felt her brain sizzling, she m0aned and pushed him forcefully.

“Dan stop this nonsense, for crying out loud anyone can walk into us. Please stop.”
she said, weakly as he held her. That got to him, and he stood, Sophia felt weak for a moment as she tried to stand up.

No one told her, that if she hadn’t said that, probably Dan would have had her in the office and she would consent.

“I’m sorry, its just that I want you so bad, I don’t mind taking you here.”
he said shrugging.

“Really? Dan why are you acting like a s-x starved teen boy?” she said as they were interrupted by Aunty Nike, who came in to announce the arrival of other artists.


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