Betrayal [completed] Season 2

1 year ago

Dave stared at his injured finger for a while before descending heavily on lynda, kicking, hitting and slapping her randomly with fury.
Lynda’s cry soon shook the whole lodge that fateful evening, making us freeze like statues as she recieved Dave’s blows all alone. I truly have never heard nor witnessed anyone cry with such pain and anguish before in my life, but instead of rendering any help, i just stood and watched as if i was watching a home video.
Perhaps it was because my strength failed me that moment or because i was too scared to jump into the fight, but then whatever it was that prevented me from intervening that moment equally turned me into a very heartless girl who just stood and watched a fellow girl as she got beaten in a fight which truly started because i happened to be in that very room that moment.
“Supposing Amara and i left things as they were, all these wouldn’t have happened but i guess it’s now too late to be regretting” i reasoned as i watched him beat up lynda.
Amara was still too stunned to intervene, as she sat speechless on the bed with both hands on her head.

After Dave’s revelation about her boyfriend that fateful evening, she just coloured up and kept to herself like an AIDS patient.
Finally i heaved a sigh of relief with a deep breathe as Dave’s two friends rushed up and dragged him out from Lynda, who just la!d motionless from the terrifying blows she got from him. The poor girl really had given up with her struggles when her strength failed her, yet Dave really was very furious to care or even notice.

Supposing his two friends didn’t break him away from her that moment, i truly don’t know what could have happened, perhaps i might not even be writing this story by now because the memory would have killed me….
Dave and his friends finally left us alone in ‘pieces’ and i was then left with the huge task of reviving Lynda. Poor girl who was trampled upon, humilated and beaten all because of love.

People don’t believe me when i do say that most things about life is either cruel, comes from cruelty or ends with cruelty, but here again Lynda’s case is just but one out of a million cases, and even though i blamed her, i still understood her plight, because not every girl has the strength nor courage of letting go a guy with whom she shared a unique portion of her heart and body with….
With shaking hands, i lifted up her head and tried to revive her….

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