The Vow Season 2

5 years ago

The episode starts with Sindoora killing Vidya and Sagar.
Before he dies, Sagar tells Sindoora that he would never forgive her and she hasn't won.

Sindoora tells herself that it's over forever, finally.
With her face covered in blood, she gets into her car and drives off.

The police arrive with Cheenu and Yadav
Cheenu breaks down when he sees the dead bodies and begs them to wake up.
He weeps profusely.

Yadav calls for an ambulance.

Sindoora goes to a well in the forest to wash off the blood on her face.
She replays the murder scene in her head and starts laughing uncontrollably, telling herself that she has won.

She gets home and quickly runs upstairs before anyone sees her.

Mahua sees her and wonders what she's up to.

Uma calls for everyone in the house and informs them that a priest is coming.

Shalu asks her if Sagar and Vidya are not coming to partake in the prayer.
Uma says they will come because Sagar assured her he will do the prayer.

Everyone is ready for the prayers.
Shalu complains that Sagar and Vidya haven't arrived and Cheenu also hasn't arrived

Cheenu arrives with tears streaming down his face.
Uma asks him for Vidya and Sagar.

Cheenu doesn't respond.
Uma goes close to him and asks him for Sagar and Vidya.

The bodies of Sagar and Vidya are wheeled in, covered in white sheets.

Sindoora sits in her rocking chair in her room.

The wind blows the sheets off and the faces of Vidya and Sagar are exposed.
Uma screams.

Sindoora hears the scream.

Everyone is gathered near the bodies, weeping.
Uma asks why they are crying.
She asks if they have forgotten about the prayers.
She is in shock and denial, saying Vidya and Sagar will wake up soon.

Rajiv tells Cheenu that Uma is in major shock and they need to help her come to terms with what has happened.
Cheenu goes to her and tells her that Vidya and Sagar are not sleeping but dead.
She gives him two slaps and insists they are sleeping.
She goes to the corpses and tells them to wake up.
She kisses Sagar and tells him she made him sweets so be should wake up.

Sindoora comes downstairs and takes in the scene.
Uma tells her Sagar and Vidya are sleeping and she should help wake them up.
Chandra says Sagar has passed away.
Sindoora says he can't be dead as he wouldn't go anywhere without telling her.
She says it must be a prank.
She keeps repeating over and over again that he's her brother and wouldn't go anywhere without informing her.
She calls Sagar.
His eyes open.
Sindoora is the only one who sees him.
She screams and says he's alive.
Chandra assures her that he's dead.
Sindoora starts shedding tears.
She catches Cheenu giving her the evil eye and wonders what he knows.

Everyone is dressed in mourning clothes.

Aniket is brought home from prison.
He weeps like a baby when he sees the corpses.
He says he failed to save them and it's all his fault.
Sindoora tells him to calm down and assures him that whoever did it will be punished.
Aniket tells her she's the one who should be punished.
He lunges at her but Bharat stops him.
He tells Bharat that Sindoora killed his Mr ocean and she's the one responsible.
Sindoora calls the inspectors to take him away.
As they take him back to jail, he vows that Sindoora will not get away with what she has done and he will make sure she pays for her sins.

Everyone looks at Sindoora funny.
She tells them that Aniket is just disturbed.

The bodies are carried out of the house.

Sindoora goes into Sagar's room to take out all the clothes.
She tells the servant to take them outside and to ensure the room is always locked.

Family and friends come to pay their respect.
They include Nahar and Saloni.
Nahar says Sagar was like a brother to him.
Saloni says the love Sagar and Vidya had for each other will never die.

Uma is still in shock, saying she doesn't know why Sagar is still sleeping.

One of the well-wishers asks Cheenu if he has any idea who did it.
Cheenu says he doesn't but he vows not to let them get away with it.

He goes to the photos of Sagar and Vidya.
He begs for forgiveness in arriving too late to save them and vows to find the tape in which Sindoora confessed her sins.
He says the fight is now between him and Sindoora.

A priest arrives.
Uma tells him to bless Sagar and Vidya.
She tells Cheenu to go and wake Sagar and invite him for the prayer.

Rajiv tells the priest to pray for their souls to rest in peace.
The priest says they can't rest in peace because they were murdered.
Rajiv asks what they should do.
The Priest tells them to gather all of Vidya and Sagar's belongings and donate them to charity otherwise their souls will keep wandering around the house.

The family members bring down all of Vidya and Sagar's belongings.
The priest looks at Sindoora.
She looks uncomfortable.

Cheenu gives out Sagar's clothes to the poor.
Sindoora goes to him and says she has been watching him, even though he hasn't said anything, his eyes tell her what he's thinking and she knows he now understands how far she's willing to go, so it will be best he keeps quiet.

He tells her that he knows everything.

At night, Sindoora sees the door to Sagar's room is open.
She wonders who could have opened it.
She walks in.
She's shocked to see Vidya and Sagar staring at her, wearing the blood stained clothes she murdered them in.

She rushes downstairs to tell the priest that they are alive.
She sees everyone looking at her funny.
She reminds the priest that he said if their belongings are donated, they will rest in peace.
He tells her that something must have been left behind that's why they can't rest in peace.


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