Tinsel Season 9

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Shoshanna is learning make up tricks from an online video on her phone.
She hears Salewa coming and quickly hides the make up and phone but Salewa finds them because the unblended foundation on Sho's face gave her away.
Dikibo has been cuffed.
Segun calls Sankey aside and tells her they both know they don't have a case against Dikibo and she needs to be careful.
Dikibo asks Sankey if the cuffs is a joke.
Sankey says it is and takes the cuffs off.
He tells her it's a cruel joke.
Sankey asks why he allowed Tsav come to his wedding.
Dikibo says Tsav wasn't invited and there was adequate security.
Sankey tells him he will get what's coming to him.
Chuks calls the housing agent he paid money to in the past and asks what's going on with the flat.
The agent informs him the house is ready and he can come to see it.
He tells Ene in excitement and she tells him to quickly go over there and to send her pictures of the house.
Charles is at work, in Angela's old office.
He hears someone coming and he quickly packs up to leave.
Sankey meets him at the door and asks where he's rushing to.
He says he's going to make arrangements for the cremation.
Sankey says she wants to pay her last respect.
He says it's Angela’s wish that nobody is present at her cremation.
She asks for proof.
He shows her a copy of Angela's will and points to the section where she mentioned it.
She reads it and vows that Tsav will pay for what he did.
Maro is at Ziggy’s.
Mimi and a cameraman approach her and she asks what they are doing.
Mimi says they are making a tribute video in memory of Angela.
Maro says she's not in the mood.
Mimi asks if she doesn't have a few kind words to say about her former boss.
Maro says she feels they should stop asking her questions about the manipulative woman.
She storms out.
Sankey complains to Segun that the case is not moving and she Gardias seem to be getting away with it.
Segun says the Gardias didn't go unscathed; Yaya is blind in one eye.
Sankey says she has one good eye!
Segun suggests it might be better she drops the case since she is making emotional decisions like trying to arrest Dikibo without probable cause.
She warns him not to talk to her like that again and vows to find Tsav.
Ene is at Ziggy’s having a chat with Frank and Obiora.
Chuks calls to tell her he has sent pictures.
She shows the photos to Frank and Obiora and they like the place.
Sankey comes to see Amaka at home.
She asks how long her relationship with Tsav lasted and who broke up with whom.
She tells her not to hide anything from her otherwise, Tochi would miss her if she gets arrested.
Amaka asks what her relationship with Tsav has to do with anything.
Sankey suggests they finish the discussion at the station.
Ehigie leaves and Brenda goes to Zane to ask what's going on with him.
He tells her to stop playing dumb; she's been all over Nosa's brother and now he's gone, she suddenly remembers Zane exists.
Brenda tells him to stop being childish.
He tells her to look in the mirror to see who's childish.
He goes to the room.
She follows him to the room and meets him reading.
She says she's happy he didn't leave.
He says she made him feel he would rather have been with Nosa all the while.
She apologises and says she shares a special bond with Nosa concerning Angela.
She starts crying and he consoles her.
Sheila comes to see Yaya at her place.
She asks if Tessa has come to see her.
Yaya says she hasn't.
She says if anything bad happens to Philip she would never forgive Tsav.
Sheila says no one would blame her.
Salewa asks Shoshanna why she was watching a video instead of reading.
Sho says her brain needed a rest.
Helen comes in and asks Sho what she is doing in the house.
Sho says she doesn't have a lecture.
Helen says she saw some of Shoshanna's classmates and they said they just finished writing an exam.
Sho acts genuinely shocked.
Segun informs Sankey that the boss of the people who were threatening Angela and was arrested, has been killed in prison.
Sankey is indifferent.
Dikibo meets with one of his security guards in a field.
He gives him a photo of Tsav and gives orders to find him at any cost.

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