Enticed [completed] Season 1

1 year ago

I arrived home from my first day at work and I was so tired but I loved the work I was doing it was perfect. Mom was in the living room, knitting. She looked at me as I took off my high heels off. I went to sit across her chair.

Me: hi mom.

Mom: how is my little lawyer… How was work

Me: it was perfect except the fact that I still feel like I am still studying law and its exhausting…

Mom: (smiles) I told you that work is not for ladies. You can always quit and I’ll teach you how to knit

Me: (laughs) no thank you… I don’t want to turn out like you and become a house wife.

Mom: that’s a bit offensive. Anyway since you graduated and you found a job… What is next up.

Me: be the best in my work.

Mom: I thought marriage was up next

Me: no please… I’m too young.

Mom: but you are getting married

Me: ( laughs) you are really funny mom
She didn’t even crack a smile… Could she be serious?

“It’s not a joke Trisha” dad’s deep voice startled me so much that I stood up. He was coming down stairs

Me: oh… Dad… You scared me.

Dad: is this how to greet your father.

Me: I am sorry… Good day father.

Dad: (smiles) good day Trisha… How was your day?

Me: fantastic.

Dad: good… Now back to the main topic… You remember how you pleaded with me saying you want to study.

Me: yes dad

Dad: and we agreed that of I send you to varsity you are also going to get married.

Me: well I do remember but… Aren’t a bit young for marriage?

Dad: Trisha… You are 20 years old… I married your mom when she was only 16 years old.

Me: please Dad… This is not the sixties.

Dad: what did you just say?

Me: nothing… But dad I don’t have a boyfriend yet.

Dad: (smiles) don’t worry… I have already planned everything… Your engagement is soon. My soon to be son in laws name is Henry Tyson. His father is my client and he comes from a very good Cultured and wealthy family.

Me: what! There is no way I am getting engaged dad… I don’t want a marriage yet.

Dad: are you going to argue with me now.

Me: I am not arguing with you dad… But can you please let me live my life.

Dad: I have said and it shall be done.

Me: but dad… (Looks at mom) moms say something. I can’t get married… I am sorry.

Dad: give me one good reason.
I stood in front of mom and dad wondering if I should tell them for or not… If I do hell will break lose…? What the hell…, I am 20 years for crying out loud.

Me: I have a boyfriend.

Dad: what… Are you trying to find an easy way out?

Me: no dad… It’s true I do… We have been dating ever since I started varsity.

Dad: (yells) what…. You have been sleeping around!

Me: No… No… I haven’t been sleeping around but it’s just that… I love someone else.

Dad: Trisha… I want you to be completely honest with me my child… Are you still a virgin

Me: Dad… How could you even ask that…? Of course I am…

Dad: who is your boyfriend?

This is not going to end well

Me: well… It’s… Zenzele

Dad: who is Zenzele…?

Me: The Zenzele you know

Dad: I don’t know any Zenzele… Stop playing hide and seek with me

Me: Our garden boy… Zenzele.

I said and waited for their reaction. He laughed, he thought I was joking until he realizes that I am dead serious. He quickly yelled

Dad: what! Trisha are you nuts…Our garden boy… Our garden boy Trisha….what the hell… Veronica your child is trying to see the other side of me… our garden boy Trisha. That boy has not seen the last of me… Guards….

His eyes were burning with anger. He called his men that are always at the door standing like statues rushed inside. I knew what was coming… I couldn’t hold my tears….I just hoped dad spared his life.

Dad: go get me a dog named Zenzele at the garden… And treat him like one.

Me: dad please… No!

Dad was fuming with anger and mom sat down knitting in silence as if nothing is happening. I sat down on the floor with tears streaming down my cheeks. The guards came in and threw him on the floor… They had beat him up he had blood in his mouth I hate dad for doing this.

Zenzele: boss….

Dad: don’t you dare bark at me… I need answers now fast… What have you been doing with my daughter?

I could see that the confusion on his face had suddenly turned into fear… He looked at me and back at my father.

Zenzele: I love your daughter sir…

Before he finished the sentence dad had given him a fist on the nose… I closed my eyes and hoped to open my eyes and find that this is all a dream.

Dad: you dirty Animal… What makes you think that a person of your standards can match up a girl like Trisha….?

Zenzele: sir… Love knows no boundaries sir.

Dad: don’t tell me shit…. I firmly told you that when I hired your dirty ass you will stay the hell away from my daughter…. But no you went behind my back…. I overpaid you because I trusted you but you just continued and betrayed me.

Me: dad… It was me… He told me to stay away from…. (Got cut off)

Dad: shut up Trisha….

He turned to me with angry red eyes.

Dad: you really disappointed me… Do you want me to be ashamed to have you as my daughter?

Me: no dad… But

Dad: but what Trisha… Do you want to give yourself up for poverty?

Me: but Dad…

Dad: no buts Trisha… This ridiculous thing you call love ends here and now… And as for you…. I am pretty sure you can see that you are fired… Guards teach him a lesson to stay away from my daughter and after that throw him at the dump… Zenzele… If I catch you with my daughter again you are going to meet your ancestors.

Me: Dad please spares him.

I cried as they took him away. I stood up and went after him.

Dad: Trisha… If you dare step out of this house to follow that rascal then I disown you.
I stopped at the door… I knew he wasn’t kidding… Not at a time like this. I sat down on the floor and cried. After a few hours mom came and kneeled by my side. I just looked at her as she tried to comfort me. I stood up and left her there going to my bedroom. The rest of the week was not easy… Dad had people guarding me and avoiding me to drive to Zenzele’s house. Mom had long left the picture of my supposed fiancé. The engagement ceremony is on Friday and dad did not negotiate with anybody… He has always been like that. A big bully and mom respect him like he is some kind of a god.


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