Crying Blood (Bleeding Tears) [completed] Season 1

1 year ago

I was busy cleaning the house while my siblings were in their bedrooms.

Mom: Rudzi!!! Rudzani

Me: Ma!!!

Mom: Idani ngeno..

Me: I’m coming.

I went to her.

Me:Mma vhakho mmbidza? (Mom did you call me?)

Mom:No fhedza u cleana naa? (Are you done cleaning?

Me: Ndovha ndi Saathu.. (Not yet)

Mom: Mulandu nisina mushumo mara.Ndi mini tshino khou ni khakhisa u fhedza kulumaga? (Why are you so useless.What is it that is distracting you to finish with cleaning? )

Me:ndo thoma nda swiela muta..thi pfesesi iri mulandu vhasa ambi na vhanwe uri vhade vha
nthuse. (Ma I had to sweep the yard first..I don’t know why you don’t ask the others to help me.)

Mom:u nithusa mini? Ni songo amba tshika. Ndi vhatuku kha inwi,vha na mushumo wa tshikolo.

Inwi no nanga zwo sokouvha muthu zwawe kha vhutshilo. Musi nitshi dzulela u feila nani kho mbudza uri nikho toda uvha mushumi nisa zwipfi,zwino ndikho ni pfumbudza. Habe ni tavhanye
ngauri nikhadi tea ubika navha kuvhela na uniform. (Help you with what? Don’t talk
nonsense..They are young compared to you.They have school work to do.You chose to be
useless in life..When you kept on failing you were giving me an indirect message that you want to be a maid so I’m training you.Be quick because you still have to cook and wash their uniforms)
If I was someone else I swear they would have given up on life but as for me i take mom’s insults
and hard labour everyday.Crying doesn’t help nor does pleading…I tried working hard at school
but honestly I’m not gifted…Its true that even if you try hard but when it’s not meant to be it’s not.

I tried hard at school but I kept failing my grade 10..When the teacher teached I would understand
but the moment I’m alone in the exam room it all flushes out of my head….Im young and
foolish,Made bad desicions and I turned my back on religion…I just live for the sake of living
because I’m a coward to even think about killing myself.

Mom: Nikha divha hafha nah? (Are still here?)
I walked away.

I made sure to be fast with cleaning then when I was done I cooked…Ipfi is 15 so she helped me
with washing the uniform.Ipfi is so caring when it comes to me.She always helps out when she
sees I need the help.

Mom: Ipfi get inside before you catch a cold.
I’m glad we were almost done.Only left with hanging them at the washing line.I hanged the clothes
and when I was done with all the chores I took a bath with cold water with the weather cold as it
is..I wasn’t allowed to boil water because according to mom I don’t buy electricity..I was shivering I
don’t want to lie..When I was done I wore warm clothes and visited my friend Konanani.But I call
her nani.
Nani: My ancestors must have remembered that I’m one of them today.
I laughed.

Me: Vhupengo (madness)

Nani: No like seriously you visit me hmm that’s a first.

Me: I needed fresh air.

Nani: sugar mama breathing fire?

Me: You have no idea.

Nani: Where is her ven 10?

Me: I don’t even care.She is dating this other pervert who keeps looking at my thighs when I’m cleaning.

But Atleast this time she is dating someone older than her.

Nani: Hey girl be careful..You can never trust this men

Me: I will.

Nani is my friend.She dropped out of school in grade 8 because she is also like me..Nani is a
stripper at some night club at Thohoyandou.She had been asking me to atleast ask for a job a a
bartender and I told her I will think about it..Im a very shy person so working at place full of people
will be a struggle for me..

Nani: I spoke to the owner of the club and he said you can come and meet him.

Me: But Nani I said I will think about it.

Nani: You never did so I took matters into my own hands..

There was no arguing with her.

Nani: Tonight when I go to work I will be going with you..

Me: Haaaa Nani tomorrow.

Nani: I said tonight.

Me: Mxm. Let me go home then.

Nani: If you go there you won’t come back.You will wear my clothes.

She is the same size as me.We both have a little bit of curves..Flat stomach and some lol bit of an a-s.

The only difference is that I’m light in complection and she is dark.


Me: Father I said I can’t work for you.I want to be my own man

Mom: Then you leave us no choice but to disown you

Me: And you give me no choice but to disown you as my parents aswel.

Dad: You think this is a game son?

Me: Dad why isn’t Ethan forced to work for you..Why do I have to work for you.

Dad: Because he chose to be a lawyer and he will be the company’s lawyer.So you see he will
also be working for the family.

Me: I don’t get why you have to force me.I want to someday tell my children how I worked hard to
be the man I will be in the future.How i have hustled to give them the wonderful life I will be giving

Mom: Its either the family company or nothing at all.We didn’t send you to school to turn your back on us.

Me: I have already got a job.

I gave them my appointed letter. I guess that was my biggest mistake.
He tore the contract into pieces.

Dad: You won’t be working for anyone.I almost cried but Instead I walked away and that was the
last day I went home.

Ethan: Nigga go home and talk to them.
Me: If they won’t listen to you then why would they listen to me.Its been two years Ethan,Two
fu-Cken years and I can’t get a job anywhere.Sometimes I wonder if they are my parents.why would
they go this far? What do they expect me to eat,wear and live?

Ethan: That is why I’m here.. Les they know I’m the one helping you and they are threatening me.

Me: They won’t do anything to you dude.Please give me a little more time to find Atleast
something small and I will provide for myself.

Ethan: *heavily sigh* Two months Les

Me: What? Ethan I’m your twin.Why are you letting them control you? Why are you being a p---y?

You are a grown up for crying out loud.

Shaz: You seem to forget that we want to get married.You are the one standing in between our
finances..If Ethan is afraid to tell it all to you then I will.You sit all day I’m not even sure you are
looking for a job.You are even ungrateful you call him a p---y when he is the only one putting
proof over your head and he is feeding and clothing you.

Me: B---h who gave you the permission get involved in my conversation with my twin? Sharon or
whoever your name is who died and made you Dr Phil?

Shaz: Excuse me?

Me: You are excused.

Ethan grabbed me by my shirt

Ethan: I will take it if you disrespect me but not my fiance.We may be twins but I’m the oldest and
you will respect me.

I can’t believe he is doing this.He threw me with a stack of money.

Ethan: Manage that for two months until you get a job.I paid this flat for 3years so this is the final year.

He pushed me and I fell and he left. I guess I no longer have

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