King of Technology - S01 E616

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Skills For An Internet Troll


The clay teacup in Cary's hands was sent flying towards the floor.

It shattered into several pieces that shot towards some of the maids like dynamite.

She had missed her aim.

The maids quivered and dared not move from their original positions, lest they anger the she-devil before them.

Because if they had moved in attempts to dodge it, then they would surely be killed on the spot.

Cary looked at the shattered pieces below and frowned even more.

Doing things with her left hand was truly a hassle.

She took a deep breath and calmed herself before looking at the maids once more.

"Raise your heads and look at me.

You all are my most trusted maids.

So of course stealing from me will only make me feel betrayed and angry at you.

Why couldn't you have asked me for a bigger salary or something else?

You all are like family to me, so I would've listened to your requests.

Sigh... why didn't you just ask?" Cary said while acting pitifully.

The maids looked at her appearance and felt like what she was saying was true.

After all, if they really thought about it more... all she had been doing ever since she lost her limbs was to throw tantrums here and there.

She would yell, break things and taunt them verbally.

But she had never done anything to physically harm them.

So wasn't this the same as a 3-year-old child lashing out whenever it wasn't given what it wanted?

Now that they took a closer look at her, they felt that she needed was more love and attention since her mother was the only one who showered her with love.

Thinking about it now, why didn't they just ask her for a bigger salary, rather than stealing?


Cary looked at their soft expressions and sneered.

"As I said, you all are like family to me.

So this is your last chance!

If you step forward now, this one promises not to kill you.

You have my word as an Arcadinian Princess."


Immediately, two maids bashed her heads on the floor loudly.

"P... Princess, please forgive this lowly one.

This one just wanted money to take care of my son.

As you said, we are all family.

So please forgive this lowly one."

"Princess, this one only wanted to save her dying father.

So I teamed up with maid Sati to steal the bracelet.

I beg the princess for forgiveness!" They said while continuously smacking their heads on the floor as hard as they could.

"Hmmm.... you all may rise.

I forgive you all."

"Thank you, princess!

Thank you, princess!

Thank you, princess!" They said excitedly in unison.

So the princess really took them like family?

They were so shocked that they almost forgot to breathe.

Did she forgive them just like that?

How benevolent!

They felt even more incredulous at the whole ordeal and couldn't help but sigh from relief

Today must be their lucky day.

But how could they have known that all was not as it seemed?

"Thank you, princess!"

"Thank you!"


They thanked her merrily.

Cary on the other hand looked at them hatefully.

"Yes.... I've forgiven you all, and I promise not to kill you.

But that doesn't mean that I can't punish you all right?"


The moment the duo heard Cary's words, they soon had a bad definition in their hearts.

"Hehehehhe..... I'd like to remind everyone here that no matter how I look, my status will always remain the same.

I will forever be a princess of Arcadina.

So, what crime is usually given out to thieves who steal from royals?

The answer is death!

But because of my promise, I've decided to only punish you two.

And since you both like to steal from defenceless women, then why don't I make you become one instead?

Men come!

Seize them, cut off their legs and their dominant hand immediately.

And whatever you do, make sure that they don't die!"

The moment those words came out, the women felt fear like they've never before.

"Please Princess, forgive us."

"Forgive us... Forgive us."


Didn't you say that we are all family?

Don't you promise not to hurt us?"

"You b**ch!

You will surely rot in hell for this!"


As the women were dragged out, their pleading soon turned to insults.

Just like that, from today henceforth... They too will become cripples as well.

The other maids trembled from fear and promised never to end up like the rest.


After dismissing the rest, Cary stayed in her room with head guard Medonis.

"Young mistress!

We sent our spies to your lover's home and found out the reason for his absence.

But young mistress, it isn't good." Medonis said grimly.

Cary felt a sharp pain in her heart from Medonis' words.

The signs were always there, but she failed to see them.

Her eyes turned misty, and her nostrils felt blocked as well.

How dare that bastard?


Ever since she lost all 3 limbs, Anthony had been avoiding her like the plague.

He would send letters saying that he was busy, and didn't even bother to ask about her condition again.

His letters that were previously 2 pages long, were now 6 or 9 letters long instead.

In her last letter, she had written a 3-page long letter about how much she missed him and yearned for him, and also written on how she spent her days now.

But the bastard had only written:


To my darling;

Good for you.

Your lover,



That was it.

If Landon saw this letter, he would've said that Anthony would've been an amazing internet troll back on earth.

The skill to anger someone with so little words was truly rare.


Cary felt like exploding when she saw the letter.

What was the point of even holding up a pen to write the letter?

Might as well not have written at all!

"Young mistress... It's as you've suspected.

He specifically told his father in private that he no longer wants you anymore." Medonis said without any hint of emotions.

"What a good Anthony!

Does he think that he can get away from me just like that?

Hehehehe... How naive!

And to think that this is the man I sacrificed for.


Tell your men to continue watching him for now.

I'll definitely make him pay, but not now.

And by the way, do you know why mother hasn't come over yet?'' Cary asked worriedly.

"Young mistress... I do.

A matter of urgency has occurred.

In fact, it isn't just your mother who is worried.

My spies within the 3rd queen's camp have also reported another matter of urgency to me."

"Well, what is it?

Spit it out Medonis!"

"Young mistress, both women received secret letters.

And from the looks of it, Prince Eli and Prince Connor have both gone missing!"

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