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Fighting a Rank Three True God

In front of Zhao Feng, many precious metal-type cultivating resources were floating. If not for the fact that Zhao Feng’s Little World was concealing them, any expert who saw these resources would probably try to take them for themselves.


Zhao Feng absorbed the medicinal energy in these materials and allowed them to circulate through his Sacred Power, pouring them into the whirlpool of Sacred Light. At a certain moment, the golden-colored region of the Zhao Feng’s five-colored Sacred Power Whirlpool began to shine with dazzling radiance.

Boom! Hisss!

The Metal of Wind Lightning around Zhao Feng also began to shine, the radiance so brilliant that some of it leaked out of the Little World to light up the outside world. This phenomenon attracted the attention of many experts on the surrounding mountains, but when they saw that Zhao Feng was only breaking into the Demigod realm, they ignored it.

Zhao Feng truly was causing quite a stir as he broke into the Demigod level, but would a single Demigod be of any use in a place like this?


The golden lightning slowly faded away, and the shroud of the Little World around Zhao Feng also began to dispel.

“Quasi-God Kong Yuan, Quasi-God Heaven Swallower, Quasi-God Si Kong!” As Zhao Feng opened up his bright eyes, he softly muttered these three names. Although he was busy cultivating, he had split off a part of his mind to keep watch on his surroundings.

“They truly deserve their reputations as prodigies of God Realm Sacred Lands!” Zhao Feng emotionally sighed.

God Realm Sacred Lands were godlike existences that resided above five-star powers. Each one of these three sacred lands had far more resources and far more strength than Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng could safely assume that, if any one of them tried to break into the Heavenly Divine Realm, they would become a Rank Four True God.

Some people, because they were unable to make any further progress, would break into the Heavenly Divine Realm and become Rank One True Gods. They would then slowly begin to make their way up the ranks, but in the end, they would find it very difficult to climb over the threshold and become Ancient Gods.

However, these prodigies could directly become Rank Four True Gods, raising the probability that they could advance to become Ancient Gods.

This was the gap in talent! This was also why so many people chose to suppress their cultivation and accumulate resources instead of directly challenging the Heavenly Divine Realm.

“The gap between us is still very large, but I only reached the Demigod level just now. I still have a lot of room to grow!” An indomitable resolve appeared in Zhao Feng’s heart.

These three geniuses of the God Realm Sacred Lands were all Zhao Feng’s targets. If it was possible, Zhao Feng wanted to surpass them.

“Congratulations, Master, for advancing another step in cultivation and becoming a Quasi-God!” the blue-clothed elder smiled and respectfully said.

With Zhao Feng’s strength, he only needed to break into the Demigod level to be called a Quasi-God.

“Haha, you just reached the Demigod level and dare to call yourself a Quasi-God!?” A young Quasi-God on the peak of the mountain where Zhao Feng was at gave an arrogant laugh.

In comparison to all the other factions here, Zhao Feng’s group consisted of only four people and could be considered the weakest group.

Zhao Feng’s gaze turned toward the faction on the summit. This faction had only nine people, with only one Rank Four True God, making it one of the weakest factions in this place.

At this moment, another group arrived in the area. Leading this group was Quasi-God Di Lin, whose cold and ruthless eyes were fixed on Zhao Feng.

This time though, Quasi-God Di Lin did not act rashly. Back then, Zhao Feng alone had given his group a bruising, and now he had three more people at his side. However, Quasi-God Di Lin still gave a malicious smile as if he was saying, “Just wait.”

Quasi-God Di Lin flew straight toward the main group of the Golden Jade Race.

“True God Tianhua, on our way here, one member of our group was killed by that golden-haired brat…!” Quasi-God Di Lin stood before True God Tianhua and said with a faint smile.

True God Tianhua was the only Rank Five True God the Golden Jade Race had in this secret dimension. Even though Quasi-God Di Lin had a respected status, he acted a little more restrained in front of Tianhua.

“Hmph, you would have me – a Rank Five True God – go and deal with a junior who just broke into the Demigod level?” True God Tianhua angrily harrumphed. If he really did go and kill Zhao Feng, he would only attract the ridicule of all the surrounding factions.

“The five of you, deal with them!” True God Tianhua sighed and spoke to five Rank Three True Gods at his side.

In Zhao Feng’s group of four, there was only one Rank Three True God, while one was a Rank Two True God, and the remaining two were Demigods. Five Rank Three True Gods against them was a little overboard. But since Zhao Feng had succeeded in killing a member of the Golden Jade Race and leaving unharmed, he was definitely no ordinary person. True God Tianhua wished to be certain, so he dispatched five Rank Three True Gods.


The five members of the Golden Jade Race immediately headed for the mountain where Zhao Feng resided.

“Brat, just wait for death!” Quasi-God Di Lin gave a sinister smile.

On the mountain where Zhao Feng was, the youth that just jeered at Zhao Feng a moment ago once more ridiculed, “It seems like none of you will even have a chance to experience the treasures of this place!”

“Master, what do we do?” The blue-clothed elder’s face was fraught with worry.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Feng condensed two wings of golden light on his back and began to flee.

“Haha, Master, up to your tricks again!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon gave a crafty smile. However, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon also liked to play dirty. Its Destruction Dragon Race bloodline could not be exposed before this many people.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The three members of Zhao Feng’s group quickly followed him.

“After them! Kill them all!” One of the Golden Jade Race True Gods yelled.

They were five Rank Three True Gods; if they allowed their opponent to flee right in front of them, they wouldn’t have the face to go back.


The Golden Jade Race True Gods pursued.

In Zhao Feng’s group, Zhao Feng was the fastest, then it was Zhao Wan and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. It was actually the blue-clothed elder – the Rank Three True God – who was the slowest.

“What’s going on? The ones with the weakest cultivations are actually the fastest!” one of the Golden Jade Race True Gods furiously cursed.

Their group of five could only catch up to the blue-clothed elder. They were completely incapable of catching the other three.

But suddenly, Zhao Feng’s fleeing group stopped.

“Kill!” The Golden Jade Race naturally would not let this opportunity pass by and attacked straight away. Three True Gods attacked Zhao Feng, Zhao Wan, and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, while the remaining two True Gods attacked the blue-clothed elder.

“Haaa…” The blue-clothed elder couldn’t help but give a helpless sigh. The people around his master all liked to play as pigs to eat tigers. His strength was far weaker than the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s, and even Zhao Feng was probably equal to him now after the breakthrough. In fact, Zhao Feng was definitely stronger if he used all the resources available to him.

“Brat, was it you who killed a member of my Golden Jade Race?” One of the Rank Three True Gods gazed down upon Zhao Feng, a slight tinge of anger on his face.

“You talk a lot of nonsense!” Zhao Feng snorted as he circulated the Sacred Lightning Body and activated the Ancient Blood Devil Sun.


Zhao Feng’s body suddenly grew and began to exude golden lightning. He was then covered by a layer of scarlet sunlight. It seemed like he had changed into a completely different person.

The Rank Three True God standing before him grimaced. He understood that this person was not simple.

Boom! Bang!

In a flash of scarlet lightning, Zhao Feng shot toward this True God. Now that he was at the Demigod level, Zhao Feng wanted to see if he could fight a Rank Three True God.

“Jade Laws Golden Light!” The Rank Three True God activated his Golden Jade Race bloodline, his two hands waving in the air, instantly producing countless golden jade runes.

Bzzz! Thwish!

These golden-jade runes formed a vortex that went to confront Zhao Feng.

“Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!”

An enormous palm made of scarlet lightning crashed into the golden-jade vortex.


More than half of the vortex was immediately destroyed, with the remainder burned into nothing by golden flames of annihilation. This was the special attribute of the Ancient Blood Devil Sun’s flames, and it was also one of the strong points of Level One Fire Intent.

After becoming a Demigod, I can already contend directly against Rank Three True Gods! Zhao Feng was inwardly a little happy.

Zhao Feng still remembered that, when he was fighting True God Guisha, he found it hard to receive even a single move. He was only able to rely on his divine weapon and the God Eye Duplication to block the attacks.

In his few months in the Ancient Dream Realm, Zhao Feng had grown to a level where he could fight directly with Rank Three True Gods.

Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng lunged forward, attacking the Rank Three True God from another angle.

“This brat’s Fire Intent has reached Level One!” The Rank Three True God was astonished. Moreover, he could sense that Zhao Feng’s bloodline was apparently stronger than his, and his body-strengthening technique was more profound. If he hadn’t reached Level One Metal Intent for so long, he would be no match for Zhao Feng.

Boom! Bang! Thump!

After a few exchanges, the Golden Jade Race Rank Three True God realized that he could not do anything to Zhao Feng.

Elsewhere, the blue-clothed elder was being suppressed by the two Rank Three True Gods, and Zhao Wan was also slightly disadvantaged versus his one Rank Three True God.

However, the Rank Two True God black-scaled man possessed the profound Destruction Intent. His attacks were fierce and tyrannical, and he was able to completely suppress the Golden Jade Race True God.

“Damn! Killing this pile of trash actually requires so much effort!” The Rank Three True God turned slightly furious as he produced a golden fan.

“Jade Incineration!” With a wave of the fan, he created a dazzling golden storm that swept toward Zhao Feng with a momentum that could destroy everything.

Cling! Crack!

As the golden storm surged through the world, one could hear crinkling and cracking, as if innumerable jade objects were being shattered.

“Since you’ve taken out a divine weapon, let’s bring this battle to an end!” Zhao Feng’s face turned cold. He was only fighting with the Rank Three True God honestly because he wanted to test his strength after breaking through.


Zhao Feng used his Metal Lightning Radiance Wings to dodge this attack.


He waved a single hand, causing enormous figures to appear in the surroundings, each one exuding an incredible ancient Yao Qi.

“You’re… a beast tamer!” The Rank Three True God was struck dumb.

The Golden Jade Race originally held the advantage, but when Zhao Feng released so many pets, even though they were not individually very strong, they were enough to alter the course of this battle.

“Kill!” Zhao Feng ordered.

“Destruction Dragon Breath!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon immediately activated the power of its bloodline, circulating the energy of Destruction through its body.

“Myriad Forms Dimension!” Zhao Wan immediately used his trump card, unleashing the Myriad Forms Dimension and trapping the Rank Three True God within it.


The horde of beasts surrounded the two True Gods that were attacking the blue-clothed elder.

“Jade Incineration!” Zhao Feng’s lips curled into a simple as his left eye began to exude a powerful Eye Intent.


A dazzling golden storm proceeded with unstoppable momentum toward the Rank Three True God in front of Zhao Feng. When his opponent had used this move, Zhao Feng silently duplicated it, biding his time and energy until he could unleash it.

“How could this be? That’s my technique!” The Rank Three True God’s entire body was frozen in shock.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng immediately followed up with his own eye-bloodline technique.


The Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame’s power struck first, exploding directly against the Rank Three True God’s soul and preventing him from fighting normally.


After that, Zhao Feng’s duplicated Jade Incineration began to madly grind at the Rank Three True God.

Elsewhere, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had already killed his Rank Three True God, Zhao Wan was able to rely on the Myriad Forms Dimension and the Eye of Myriad Forms to reach a stalemate with his Rank Three True God, and the blue-clothed elder and the ancient beasts managed to force the last two Rank Three True Gods into dire straits.

On a certain mountain, True God Tianhua was seated cross-legged in cultivation. Even though he was a Rank Five True God, he did not dare act carelessly around a treasure ground like this. Suddenly, he took out a message token and then paled in shock, a roar of fury breaking from his lips; “This bunch of good-for-nothings! Follow me!”

True God Tianhua stood up, his face exuding righteous fury as he led all the members of the Golden Jade Race like a furious flood

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