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When I resumed work as a teacher in the girls school, it was great. I just couldn’t imagine what luck had shone upon me. There were varieties of girls to feast on. There were slim, chubby, fat, fair, dark, tall, short, you name it. It was like inviting a lion into the herd of zebras and I was willing to devour them all. I would go to class and teach and as I taught, I tried to be funny because I know that was one trait girls liked about a guy. Some of them would flirt with me right there in the class by unnecessarily curling the end of their plaited hair around their index fingers, smiling lustfully at me and some bold ones who even went as far as deliberately unbuttoning their first two buttons to give me a free view of their cleavage.

I tried very hard not to get an erection in class and when I was done and about leaving, one of the daring girls would quickly jump up, offering to carry my teaching materials for me to the office. Well, my office was the biology lab. I had moved out of the staff room when I realized that there were a lot of nosy female teachers there and the biology lab gave me enough privacy to carry out my sexual acts. Sometimes, I would invite some of the girls over, one at a time to come s--k me off while some, I would simply have sex with them.

I once even had sex with two friends, although both were not virgins, I had told them to bend over a table and I would move from one v----a to the other, pounding them till I was sated and had my release. I had spent a month in the school and so far, I had had sex with sixteen girls besides Halimat abd her friends. I didn’t have to flirt with some of the girls to get them to open their legs, some came willingly while some even visited my house to get what they wanted and I never failed in servicing them. It was fun so far and I had my landlady to thank for this wonderful opportunity.

I was drawing and labelling several diagrams on a cardboard one morning when I heard someone come into the lab. Glancing up, I asked in a loud voice, “Who’s there?”

Soon, one or the bold girls in SS3 appeared from the corner and walked up to me holding a textbook, I noticed that she had a finger placed between the pages as if she didn’t want that particular spot to close.

“Good morning Mr. Patrick.” She greeted.

“Oh! Davina!” I beamed. “How are you?”

“I’m fine sir.”

“Is anything the problem? I’m not having your class now, am I?”

“Not at all sir, I just came to ask you if you take extra lessons?”

I set aside my pencil now. “Extra lessons?”

“Yes sir. I discussed with my father that I wanted to improve in biology since I wish to study medicine in the university and when I told him about you, he asked me to ask you how much you charge for lessons?”

“Will it be home lessons or school lessons?” I asked.

“Any one sir.”

I contemplated for a while. “Okay… You know that I have a tight schedule but I’ll get back to you before the end of the week.”

“Alright sir…” She said and I went back to my work. I had hardly labelled two more parts when I looked up and realized that she was still there. “Davina, anything else?” I asked.

“Yes sir.” She placed the book on the large table and opened the page to reveal the reproduction chapter. She pointed at the illustration of a penis and asked, “Sir, is it true that this is really what men use to pleasure women?”

I nodded. “Correct.”

“Does one have to be married to have sex?”


“Is sex enjoyable?”

“It depends on whom you are having it with. Why all these questions?”

“Sir…” She nervously scratched her nape. “It’s my boyfriend, he has been pressuring me for sex.”

I was interested now. “And that boyfriend of yours, how old is he?”

“He’s nineteen sir.”

“Nineteen? And you want to have sex with him, trust me, you won’t enjoy it. What you need is a real man, not a boy.”

“What do you mean sir?” She asked.

“Come.” I beckoned to her she ate approached me. Since I was seated on a stool we were almost eye to eye. “Tell me, as your boyfriend ever touched you before?”

She hesitated. “He has s----d my boobs and fingered me before but now he says it’s not enough and that men have needs.”

“Yes, men have needs, but your boyfriend is not a man yet, he’s a boy and if you let a boy be the first to sleep with you, you’ll forever regret it because you won’t know how the real pleasure only a man can give feels.”

“So what do I do? I really don’t want to lose him. I know that other girls are after him.”

I pulled back from the table and began to unbuckle my belt as I asked, “Are you ready to be a woman?”

“Yes.” She gave me a curious and puzzled look as I zipped down the fly of my trousers.

“Are you willing to do anything I ask of you and not tell a soul about it?”

She hesitated then swallowed hard, “Yes.”

“Good…” I brought out my half-erect d--k out of my pants and said, “touch it.”

She hesitantly reached for it and wrapped her fingers around it and more life seem to flow into it immediately. “Can you feel how warm it is?” When she nodded, I added, “This is the real penis of a real man who can make a woman out of you.” Then I took her hand away and told her to go lock the door. She obeyed and soon returned and by then I was now standing and had my trousers pushed down to my ankles.

“Kneel down.” I instructed her. “You have to pass through some rites before reaching womanhood.”

She knelt down before me with my d--k pointing at her face and holding the back of her head, I took my d--k and caressed my cap around her lips, leaving a glistening trail of pre-c-m then I nudged her her lips open with it to meet her tongue when she tasted my pre-c-m, she tried to pull back but I held her there and pushed my d--k further into her mouth. I could see the frown of disgust written all over her face which showed that she had never done such before.

I made her s--k my d--k, lick underneath the length, s--k my balls and even forced my d--k to the back of her throat and held her there for some seconds. I washed her gag and choke on it. Her eyes turned red and her face swelled a bit from lack or oxygen. When I finally let her go, she fell back, gasping for breath as spittle dribbled down her chin. I patted her head like a child then told her to get on the table. When she did, I helped her take off her panties. I kissed her passionately then slowly lowered myself between her thighs and I pleasured her with my mouth the same way she had pleasured me and soon she was moaning abd squirming.

I had eaten out so many girls that i knew how each tasted and it was exciting because most times, it made me penetrate with ease. When I was done pleasuring her with my mouth, I straightened up then the told her to turn on her side. That way, I placed one of her legs on my shoulder and opened her p---y to me.

Although, she was already wet but I wanted her wetter to aid my t----t. I had no Vaseline so I used my saliva instead. I coated her with my saliva be after coating the cap of my d--k then slowly pushed into her, parting her flower open to accomdate my size and I saw her grimace a bit. She was easy to break due to the vigorous fingering her boyfriend had subjected her to so I didn’t have much stress going through what was left of her hymen.

With her two legs on my shoulder now, I buried most of my s---t in, I began to t----t in and out of her as I unbuttoned her shirt and grabbed both breasts. I pounded her so fast that her breasts jiggled in my hands whose nipples I occasionally twisted. After pounding her for close to ten minutes, I yanked out of her to c-m on the floor. As I sat down back on the stool to catch my breath, she sat up and slipped on her panties. She didn’t bleed because she must have bled the first time her boyfriend had fingered her. “You are now officially a woman. You can now have sex with your boyfriend.” I told her.

As she got off the table, she buttoned her uniform and put herself in order again. “Thank you, sir.” She seemed happy. She grabbed her textbook and walked out of the lab and after cleaning off my semen with a tissue paper from the floor, I went back to work.

After lecturing the SS1 students later that day and the students happily spilled out of their classrooms when the bell was rang, I caught a glimpse of someone I felt I had seen before as I passed an SS2 Art classroom. I retraced my steps to get a better look and through the window, I realized that it was a girl. She was tall, dark in complexion and had her hair plaited in pigtails. She sat at the rear of the class alone and seemed to be invisible to the other students whom totally ignored her and we’re busy chatting in groups. She on the other hand simply sat at the back like a loner and was flipping through a textbook with such indifference.

When I took a closer look at her, I realized that she was the beautiful girl I had seen in my dream before Mama Moji had disrupted my dream a month ago. My heart began to beat faster. I just couldn’t believe that I was actually seeing her in reality. I almost called out to her when an adult male voice called out and interrupted. “Mr. Patrick?”

I turned to see the Geography teacher, a short man with a paunch, approaching me with a stern look on his face. “Yes, Mr. Amos?”

“The principal wants to see you.” He said. I know that he didn’t like me but the feeling was mutual. The man was too strict and flogged the girls regularly as if he revelled in hearing them cry. He was a devout christian but I saw him as a fanatic. I had a feeling that he was envious of all of the attention that I was getting from the students and female teachers and would do anything to jeopardize my job.

Immediately, my heartbeat increased in dread. “Why?”

“When you get to her office, you’ll find out.” He simply said and walked away. Taking a last glance at the girl who was still oblivious to my presence and mentally noting the class she was in, I strode off towards the principal’s office.

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