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The instant Zhao Feng left the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground, the demonized Sacred Lord Intent charged out.

“Dammit, there’s no one else in the Black Wind Canyon.” The demonized Sacred Lord Intent was starting to panic. It could feel its consciousness becoming chaotic, and over 90% of its transparent soul had now turned black – the same color as the Black Wind Yin Ghosts.

“There’s someone coming!” The demonized Sacred Lord Intent seemed to latch onto the last straw of hope, and it was trembling with excitement as it charged toward a black figure in the distance.

“Kekeke… give your body to me!” The demonized Sacred Lord Intent leapt at the flying black-robed person.

“Hmm?” The black-robed person’s expression suddenly changed. What the heck is this?

“Hmph!” The black-robed person snickered coldly after feeling the enmity, and he charged at the ball of Soul Intent without fear.


The demonized Sacred Lord Intent instantly rushed into the black-robed person’s body.


Within an instant, the demonized Sacred Lord Intent screamed and rushed back out of the black-robed person’s body, and it had lost a lot of its strength.

“You… that isn’t the body of a human!” the demonized Sacred Lord Intent exclaimed in a trembling tone.

The moment it entered the black-robed person’s body, a powerful surging aura threw it out. The power even exceeded its master from its previous life. It was unable to even see through the laws and Intents contained within this power.

“How is this possible? How… can there… be such… power?” The demonized Sacred Lord Intent’s consciousness was completely blurry, and it was unable to speak properly.


Its entire body turned into a large Black Wind Yin Ghost, and the wicked aura was completely unleashed.


The giant Black Wind Yin Ghost charged at the black-robed person.

“Gaze of Death!” A cold voice and a supreme Intent of Death came from the black-robed person.

An undefiable Intent of Death spread from the black-robed person’s eyes. The sky turned dark, and the grass withered and lost all life wherever his gaze landed.

The giant Black Wind Yin Ghost in front of him was instantly restrained by this forbidden power.


The Black Wind Yin Ghost roared in fear and panic. The wicked power on the surface of its body was slowly starting to fade away.

All life was destroyed by the Intent of Death. This was an ultimate power that even Heaven and Earth couldn’t stop.

At this moment, the other members in the black-robed person’s group arrived. The shadow of death instantly covered them, and an undefiable power seemed to steal everything within their body.

“Intent… of Death!?”


“Is this Senior Black Robe’s strength?”

The three members quickly retreated and took in deep breaths. The shockwave from the black-robed person was so terrifying that they couldn’t even approach. They could even feel a bit of the life within their bodies fading away, including the lifespan of their souls.


As the power of the Black Wind Yin Ghost weakened, a faint soul was dragged out.

“You’re… a descendant of the God Eyes!”

This soul was the Sacred Lord Intent from before. It didn’t expect that it would be able to recover its consciousness even after becoming a Black Wind Yin Ghost, but it wasn’t able to escape death.


The transparent Sacred Lord Intent started to wither and become weaker under the Intent of Death, and it was absorbed into the black robes.

The black-robed person looked at this world of darkness before turning around and leaving.

“Senior Black Robes, where are we headed now?” A member went forward and asked with a smile. He finally understood why the black-robed person was the group leader. With the black-robed person’s strength, even normal Sacred Lords would be killed.

“The center,” the black-robed person replied.

Because everyone had left the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground, no one heard a wicked laughter from its depths; “Hahahaha, it looks like my two breaths of Origin Qi didn’t go to waste. These low-level meatbags should be enough….”

“Zhao Feng’s here!” The Ninth Prince and company saw a bolt of scarlet lightning behind them and stopped.

“It’s good that he’s okay.” Old Ying had a slightly awkward expression. He was the group leader, but Zhao Feng was the one that stalled the demonized Sacred Lord Intent while he had run away first. Luckily, Zhao Feng had returned safely.

“Let’s find a safe place first to discuss how to save Jing Kai.” Old Ying had a grim expression. Although Jing Kai wasn’t very strong, he was one of the main fighting members in the group. They couldn’t lose him just like that.

Their group soon arrived below a cliff.


Old Ying let Jing Kai out of his Little World. At this time, Jing Kai’s body was black, and there was an aura of Yin radiating from him.

“The air of Yin is eroding him, and a strong surge of Soul power is affecting his mind,” Zhou Su’er analyzed after giving Jing Kai a couple glances.

Zhao Feng paused for a moment. Zhou Su’er’s healing capabilities were indeed not simple for her to be able to see all that with just a couple glances. Zhao Feng could do it too, but he would at least need to use his left eye.

“That’s about it. Can you heal him?” Old Ying nodded. He knew a bit about Zhou Su’er’s healing abilities.

“The air of Yin can be forced out, but there that mysterious Soul power in his soul is hard to get rid of.” Zhou Su’er thought for a moment before answering.

At this moment, Jing Kai recovered his consciousness and opened his eyes blurrily.

“Eh? Old Ying? We came out?” Jing Kai sat up and looked around.

“Sigh. Unfortunately, there was a wicked spirit guarding the treasure underground.” Jing Kai still didn’t forget about the treasure in the Black Wind Canyon.

Everyone looked at Jing Kai speechlessly. He almost died in the Black Wind Canyon and was still thinking about the treasure? On top of that, Zhao Feng and Old Ying risked their lives to take him out, but he didn’t even show any signs of gratitude.

“His personality has already changed a lot. Even if we can get rid of that mysterious Soul power, I can’t guarantee that he will turn back to the original Jing Kai.” Zhou Su’er added as she looked at Jing Kai.

“Zhou Su’er, what did you just say about me?” Jing Kai’s expression changed, and his eyes became deadly.

The atmosphere instantly died down.

“Zhou Su’er, just force the air of Yin out of his body first.” Old Ying looked at the completely new Jing Kai and broke the silence.

“En, we’ll get rid of the Yin and the Soul power first before we think about anything else.” Zhou Su’er agreed with what Old Ying said. They would first remove the air of Yin and the Soul power in Jing Kai’s body. As long as he became healthier, there was still hope for other stuff.

“Jing Kai, it’s okay. Let Zhou Su’er get rid of the air of Yin within your body,” Old Ying persuaded.

“Fine. I do feel that my body is uncomfortable.”

Old Ying still had a certain status in Jing Kai’s heart, but he was still wary and suspicious of Zhou Su’er.

“Old Ying, what happened in the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground? A total of four groups entered, but only you guys came out.” The Ninth Prince couldn’t suppress his curiosity.

“I’m not sure either. Any forbidden ground in the Imperial Tombs is a dangerous place that hasn’t been fully probed by the imperials yet. After all, this is a forgotten ancient dimension,” Old Ying replied solemnly before sighing. “The others may have used the array in their Dragon Jades to escape.”

The Ninth Prince’s heart shook as he realized how dangerous the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground was. Apart from Old Ying and Zhao Feng, the others had all either used the array in their Dragon Jade or were killed.

“But we also obtained a lot this time. We passed through two inheritances that didn’t have any tests, and we were able to directly obtain the wealth of a Sacred Lord and plenty of draconic providence.” Old Ying changed the topic.

Old Ying and Zhao Feng then transferred all the draconic providence within their Dragon Jades to the Ninth Prince’s pseudo Crown Prince Seal. However, although they had both entered the Black Wind Canyon at the same time, the draconic providence within Old Ying’s Dragon Jade wasn’t even half of Zhao Feng’s.

“Zhao Feng, do you not use the power of draconic providence to protect yourself?” Old Ying was stunned.

Everyone that entered this dimension would use the draconic providence to decrease the pressure. As time passed, everyone would slowly adapt to it and would use up less draconic providence than before.

Draconic providence could be used for anything defensive, such as protecting themselves from all sorts of attacks, such as the Black Wind Yin Ghosts.

Old Ying was using a wisp of draconic providence every second to protect himself against the laws and Intents in this dimension. However, the air of Yin had still slowly eroded him. On the other hand, Zhao Feng didn’t use any draconic providence at all and was still able to stay awake.

“Let’s head toward the center of the Imperial Tombs.”

With Zhao Feng joining them, Old Ying felt safer. Jing Kai also couldn’t leave Zhou Su’er’s side.

“Zhao Feng, I hope that you will place less importance on the wealth in these inheritances and help the Ninth Prince as much as you can.” Old Ying had a begging look.

“En,” Zhao Feng replied simply. After obtaining the wealth from the two inheritances in the Black Wind Canyon and all that wealth from the underground area, he already had enough. At this point, Zhao Feng wouldn’t even bother with beginning-stage and early-stage Sacred Lord inheritances unless he knew they had a specific item he needed.

“Brother Zhao is already helping me as much as he can,” the Ninth Prince smiled and said. The draconic providence that Zhao Feng had given him both times was more than anyone else. ( Updated by NovelFull.Com)

“Okay, we’re very far away from the center. In this period of time, we need to help Zhao Feng tame the beasts here.” Old Ying announced the plan.

They would head toward their destination while taming beasts on the way. Conquering inheritances required time, and they would only be able to acquire draconic providence when it was conquered. On the other hand, taming beasts would net them some draconic providence while also building up their strength.

In five days’ time, Zhao Feng tamed another two beast groups. At the same time, the air of Yin within Jing Kai’s body was forced out.

The mysterious Soul power hidden within Jing Kai’s soul was too profound, and Zhou Su’er couldn’t do anything about it for now. Besides, Jing Kai’s personality hadn’t changed too much yet.

“If this continues, Jing Kai will become a big trouble for our group.” Old Ying was worried.

“He doesn’t believe us anymore and thinks that we’re after his wealth.”

Everyone avoided Jing Kai and discussed.

“Why don’t you let me take care of him?” Zhao Feng’s voice suddenly sounded.

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