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Jane has been blindfolded all the time. She can't judge where she is at this time. However, from the occasional chilling feeling, there should be a large icehouse near her.

The kidnappers didn't bother her, so she sat down and didn't annoy them, so as to protect her children and herself.

Half an hour later, the kidnappers called Qin Yue again. Hearing the voice of Qin Yue, she said, "Qin Yue --"

this time, she just called out the name of Qin Yue. The kidnappers robbed the cell phone. She heard them say loudly, "Mr. Qin, is the money ready?"

Jane could not hear what was said on the other end of the phone. Then she heard the leader of the kidnapper say: "you send the money to the garbage can in front of No. 20, Huarong Road, and leave immediately after you send it. If you dare to play tricks -- " here, the head of the kidnapper reaches out and grabs Jianran's long hair and yanks it hard. Jianran is in pain, but he doesn't want Qinyue to worry about her anymore. He grins his teeth and doesn't cry out.

Jane didn't say a word. For the kidnapper leader, it didn't threaten Qin and Yue. The kidnapper leader didn't think about it much. To raise her hand was to slap her face hard.

Jane has eaten well and slept well recently, because she has grown some meat and her skin is more delicate, white and smooth. She is slapped by the kidnapper's head, and a red slap appears on her face immediately, which looks very shocking.

The head of the kidnapper said: "Mr. Qin, I just slapped her now. If you are not happy, I may put two knives on her stomach."

When he spoke, he also took a knife and scratched on Jane's stomach. She was so scared that she was too stiff to move.

After threatening, Jianran didn't know what Qin Yue said there. The kidnapper leader handed Jianran her cell phone again, and rarely did she open it to monitor.

"Just don't think about anything, don't do anything, don't be afraid. I'll come to you and your children soon, OK?"

Qin Yue's voice came to Jane's ear from the handset. For the first time, his voice was not as deep and sexy as before, and he said it carefully.

Listening to Qin Yue's voice, inexplicably, Jane suddenly had an impulse to cry.

She sniffed and nodded: "Qinyue, I won't be afraid, nor will my baby. We will wait for you."

With that, the kidnapper snatched her cell phone again and shut it down quickly.

After hanging up the phone, the three kidnappers sat by to smoke again, one after another, and their hearts became more and more anxious.

They knew in their hearts that they had kidnapped the Qin family and the woman of Shengtian leoqin.

Who is Shengtian's leoqin?

They didn't see it with their own eyes, but they knew his legend clearly. How could the man who killed decisively in the market easily let them go.

At this time, his wife is in their hands, he is willing to let them lead the nose, once the people will go out, then what kind of methods will he take to deal with them?

The three men seem to think of the same thing at the same time. They raise their heads coincidentally. Look at me, I look at you. Finally, their eyes fall on Jane.

With this idea in mind, the three people swallowed a mouthful of saliva nervously, and all of them had come to this step. They had to take the money. As for this woman -

she had seen their looks and went back to identify them. Then, no matter where they fled with the money, they might be arrested.

Kidnapper a looks at the kidnapper leader and asks, "brother Qiang, what should we do after we get the money?"

"What else can I do?" The kidnapper, known as brother Qiang, fixed his eyes on Jane and raised his hand to wipe her neck.

The best way to keep people quiet and the Qin family unable to find them is to keep the woman's mouth closed forever and never speak again.

Jane's eyes were still covered. She didn't see the gesture the kidnapper had just made, but she could feel the strange eyes they had cast on her.

In particular, I felt their eyes on her abdomen. She was so nervous that her palms were sweating and she swallowed saliva unconsciously.

She prayed silently in her heart that Qin Yue must come quickly and keep their children.

"Brother Qiang, this is the woman of leoqin. The beauty is not so good. I can't live long anyway. Let me have a taste." Kidnapper B said as he walked to Jianran, walked to her side, and looked at her condescensively.

Hearing someone's lust, Jane's heart pounded again with difficulty. She was so nervous that her palms were sweating.

Feeling the kidnapper approaching her, she instinctively shrank back, trying to open a safe distance.

However, just now there was a movement, the chin was pinched, and a particularly rough hand was probing her face, touching and touching: "this skin is really slippery. I've never been such a delicate woman before."

Jane pressed the fear and tension in her heart, clapped her hands on her face, fumbled with her paws, and then retreated, but she didn't know that there was a wall behind her, so she stepped back and approached the corner. The disgusting kidnapper caught up with her again.

He pressed her shoulder with one hand, and her round and protruding belly with the other hand. He maliciously pressed hard: "if you are not honest, I will dig out your belly first."

"If you want money, we will give you money, not less. If you dare to hurt my children, you can't escape even to the ends of the earth. If what I said is true, you should know better than me. "

Jane was afraid. Her heart was trembling with fear, but she didn't allow herself to be afraid. Now she is a mother, she has to protect her children.

Before the kidnapper did not take the next step, she put her hands on her stomach and said, "you bind me just for money, and I just want to live well. As long as you don't mess around, I promise you will get the money and let Qin Yue not pursue you. "

"Ah Jian, let her go." Said the head of the kidnapper.

They are outlaws. They may not be as important as others, but they are also human beings.

They tied her up for extortion. They didn't want money. They wanted to live a better life. Whoever could live would die.

"Brother Qiang?" Kidnapper B said.

The head of the kidnapper took a puff of smoke and put it out, saying, "if you want to lock her in the ice house, it's life or death, it depends on her creation."

Generally speaking, there are at least 20 degrees below zero in the ice house. Leave Jane in the ice house. She wears so little that she will soon freeze into a popsicle.

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(the same name) refers to dye to get married: don't worry about the husband / hot water

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