Lucifer's Bride - Season 1 - Episode 16

2 years ago


Subtitle: Dark Night 2.

Slowly Lucifer marched forward, he was beaming with smiles.

Then he said in a dark voice, “I am Lucifer! I am here for her.”

“No way, man. You can’t!”
Rolland screamed back at him as he clunged on his sister.

“What do you mean ‘here for me’ do I know. . . .”
Bella said but couldn’t speak any further as she remembered the man with Favour at the party, what does he mean? She thought to herself, then a sudden realisation hit her. He was her stalker.

“Don’t worry sis, am here for you!” Rolland said as he noticed the solemn look on her face.

“Out of my way now!”
Lucifer screamed as he formed a black round object with the fogs but before Rolland could do anything, Lucifer had threw the round object at him but luckily, the sword tamed the force, then Lucifer appeared at Rolland’s front almost immediately as he punched out of the room then Bella ran to her room, she took her phone as she dialled the number of detective David, it rang twice, but David didn’t pick, then she dialled detective Joy’s number.

On the second calling, detective Joy picked and the scared voice of Bella rang through the cellphone, “Detective, it’s me, Bella. . . . . Bella Daniel, the killer of Favour Ndubuisi is in my house, please, hurry up, he’s killing my brother.” Bella said whimpering.

Then she ran out of her room, heading towards her brother’s room.


Joy jerked up from her bed as she dashed to her bathroom and quickly washed her mouth and face, it was almost midnight, so she wore her black jean with a read body hug and a sandal, then she dialled David’s number, This time, David picked it “David, come to Bella’s house now, the murderer is there,” she shouted at the reciever as she took out her desert eagle pistor under her pillow, she checked the clip capacity, it was a full magazine, then she zoomed out of her apartment.


David was in the shower when his phone rang twice, he quickly came out with his towel at his waist.

As he came out and was cleaning his body, then his phone rang again, this time, with the speed of Usain Bolt, he picked it up when he heard Joy on the otherside shouted something like ‘Bella’s place. . . . . Murderer’, instinctively, he knew something was wrong, then he went to his wardrope as he took out a denim jean and a tshirt as he quickly wore them then he brought out his python 15 pistol as he took his car key then rushed out of his apartment as he got to his car before igniting the engine before he revised it out of his edifice and drove to Bella’s.

Rolland fell down as he felt blood oozing from his nose, then he quickly got up, then with great anticipation, he swung his sword at Lucifer, whom dodge the strike, then Rolland, plunged forward his sword at him then Lucifer took the advantage as he jabbed Rolland then he brought out his demon sword, he pushed Rolland on the floor forcefully which made Rolland to lose his grip at the sword.

Then Lucifer stood above him as he raised his own sword high up as he brought it down forcefully at Rolland. . . . . .

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