Lucifer's Bride - Season 1 - Episode 15

2 years ago


Subtitle ( Dark Night 1)

Addison and Alison Caleb were siblings, twins exactly, they are graduate who couldn’t find a job, so they went street fighting.

Addison the boy was quite handsome, almost 5’8, dark hair and blue eyes. He was known in the street ring as Adley, once he fought against a guy of over 7ft tall and had muscles with great stature, many people thought Addison would be killed in that fight but surprisingly he came victorious.

Alison the girl was pretty almost to 5’7 and has a dark hair with blue eyes alson.

She is quite strong and her strenght matched that of her brothers’. She has a feminine body.

The twins were walking down the road one night after they had went to watch a scary movie at the cinema when suddenly they heard a loud screeching sound ringing in their ears, they screamed before passing out.


Bella walked into her brother’s room and noticed he was hiding something behind him.
He wore no clothes and he couldn’t hide the tattooes on his body.

“Your awake?”
Bella said looking curiously at him.

“Yea, am awake,” Rolland sounded surprised, he thought his sister might ask why there was tattoo on him. “What happened?” he asked.

“I should be asking you! You’re the one that screamed and fainted. So what happened to you? Were you sick?”

“No, am fine, I just. . . . Well nevermind,”
He didn’t know how to put it to his sister, that he heard a high pitch scream then he dreamed that the voice of an Angel was talking to him and that he was now a so called Dem. . .

“Rolland, what’s behind you?”
she cut him off his thought.

A light was glooming behind him now, very rapid and it seems something or someone was coming.

Rolland knew what she meant, the sword had shone his usual light now so he had no option that bring out the sword.

When his sister saw it, she gasped and looked in awe.

“Rolly, what’s that?”
she asked.

“I can explain, I myself am confuse. When I was deep in my sleep and I had a dream, then I saw it in my dream, when I woked up. I saw it lying beside me.”

Rolland hit his head a little, he sounded as if he was mad, how would his sister believe his story.

The light grew immersed and before Bella could say anything, dark fogs had surrounded the room.

Bella was scared so she ran to her brother’s arms.

The fog now slowly formed a man in dark clothes.

He looked at Bella before he turned his gaze at Rolland.

Rolland knew it was the same man that was in Bella’s room, then like a power propell him, he raised his sword up ready from an attack from the guy again.

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