Lucifer's Bride - Season 1 - Episode 14

2 years ago


Rolland woke up from his bed with a headache, he tried recalling what had happened to him, then he remembered the dream he had.

DREAM. . .

Rolland was running in a desert, he was hungry and thirsty when he saw a black tree in the middle of the desert, he went near the tree, when he got close, he saw dozens of black fruit with only six white shiny fruits that was blinking rapidly, he wanted to take the shiny fruits before a whirl wind erupted which by Rolland couldn’t plucked the fruits anymore, then suddenly the whirlwind stopped and a shiny little star was in the air blinking till he shone much brighter than the sun then Rolland heard a bold and deep voice say, “You heard the cry of an Angel, your unique. You have been choosing by the MOST HIGH to be a warrior of the saints, defenders of the righteous. Time has come for you to take up your responsiblity, Demons will soon emerge on this world since their lord is already here. That six white fruits that are on the tree represents you and five others. You now have Angel blood and now you can wield the heavenly sword, (Seraphy).

(As soon as the voice said that, a sword that was emitting light appeared on Rolland’s hand. Find the rest, protect your sister, barnish the demon lord on earth, this is your mission.”

After the voice and said so, Rolland woked up, then he remembered the past events that took place in Bella’s room, some sort of man was in her room, when he tried to get in, the man suddenly turned to a black fog and forcefully pushed him against the wall.

A bright light at the side of the bed shone into his eyes momentarily blinding him, then slowly he turned his gaze to it and found the sword lying beside him. He quickly jumped out of bed with a confused face. He was surprised. “How is this possible?” he asked bewildered at the sword.

He was sure all that happened that night apart from the noise he heard was in a dream.

He stared at the sword for a little time before he decided to touch the sword.

He slowly brought his hand forward but before he could grap it, the sword had already entered his hands. Then as he held the sword high, a kind of tattoo mark began showing on his body, at first he didn’t notice it until the tattoo grew to his wrist. He saw it and check his body and found the markings over him, then the voice he had heard from his dream spoke “Your now a Demon Hunter, find the five.”

Then suddenly, Rolland smiled.

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