The inter-house sport competition(Full Story) - Season 1 - Episode 7

2 years ago

He allow me to come out to the crowd,
this boy give his people mark look at his dressing he sang out and then i could see my parents face light up with smile
**Moderator continues**He do everthing with boldness and confidence.
He run tirelessly and give his house people the greatest mark,
Also while he was matching he was commanding like a real soldier and am impressed and i didnt know that the panel of judges are seeing the same thing
so by the authority given to me by the school management i declare THE ACHEMA HOUSEthe winner of this occation and i thereby hand the cup over to the house mistress
and as for the best commandant here is your gife
**he handed me over a cealed parcel**
and the whole house was shouting and clapping their hand
we left the field and go straight to our decorated area to celebrate our victory we dance and high and continue the dancinq like heaven is qonna fall
we dance till 4:00am and we ended the show and everybody dismissed and i went home and slept off
i woke up at about 12:32pm and was hungry so i trecked to the nearest fast food and took something then headed home when i got home i opend my parcel JEEZ its an iphone 6 hooooooo inter house sport has given me a better phone
i was still rejoicing when my tecno android Q1 ring
i stared at the screen and saw miss comfort calling

Hello muffy you have make me proud i love you so get set and meet me by 2:00pm

Me:: ok ma
@ 2:00pm

I got prepared and took off to miss comfort’s house i got they and she took me out for lunch after lunch she took me to the most expensive shopping mall and she got me things that almost cost 50k hooooooo another gift after inter house sport am happy

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