ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE - Season 2 - Episode 1

2 years ago

Shade got out in hurry from the toilet. She picked up her phone from her bed and checked if she had missed any call when she notice the time. She just couldn’t believe her eyes.
“Ojo ti lo sha.” She uttered, which mean “time has gone”

“Tunde must have be expecting me”
She added and dropped the phone in hurry, then advanced to the bathroom.

She came out after some minutes and quickly got herself dressed. She left her room for her mother’s room who has gone to her place of work to access herself in front of a standing mirror. She wasn’t that pleased with her dressing which was very unusual of her, but just to execute her plan for the day, as counselled by her friend, Tina.

She locked all the doors and went out to stop a bike.

Though, where Tunde resided was not far from hers, same street, but she decided to go on bike.

“Shhhhhh, Okada” she stopped a bike and told him where she was going, but it seemed the young man wasn’t interested in where she was going.

He looked at her lustfully with his eyes scanning through her body from head to toes, and he was carried away with her sexy look before she shouted on him which brought him back to his senses.

“Will you carry me or not? Because I don’t know why you’re looking as if you have never seen a lady before.” She said angrily.

“Abeg, no vex. Shey na same covenant building wey dey down there you dey go?” He asked astonishingly, wondering how one could be so clueless to trek such distance while he was pointing forward to the place.

“Yes, of course.” She replied.

They both agreed on a particular amount before she sat down.

“But Aunty, this your beauty coupled with this dressing bad ooo. In fact e fit cut person fasting…” The young man kept on complimenting her and she was about to reply the man when her phone started ringing. She ignored the man and picked the call without hesitation.

“Hello, how far?” The caller ask with a cool voice.

“I’m good. Don’t waste your call credit because I’m already at your door step.”
She replied and dropped the call.

She got down from the bike and settled the man before she Cat walked into the compound, and towards the sitting room.

Tunde, who was initially in his room, working on his laptop stood to his feets​ and walked to the sitting room so as to welcome his visitor.

Tunde couldn’t believe what his eyes boheld when he opened the door for her and she entered. He looked at her unsatisfactory, but kept his words instead of condemning her dressing which revealed parts of her body. He just ushered her into his room.

Though, Tunde had once made an attempt to drink in the juice contained in shade’s honeypot, but which he was denied. And since then, he has made up his mind not to disturb her till their wedding night as wanted by Shade.
But on the hand, Shade was there for a mission: to break her promise.

They exchanged pleasantries and she sat at the edge of his bed, keeping a distance away from him.

She was expecting him to say something, but nothing came from him which has never happened since when they have started their relationship. And this got her confused which made her felt embarrassed with her dressing.

“I can’t just believe I have resumed to school as a university undergraduate student.
Thanks so much sweetheart. I’m so much greatful to you for being there for me till this very moment. I couldn’t just believe my admission could come as easy as that. The very first day you called and broke the good news that I have been offered the admission, I was like waooo! It was just like a dream, but now a reality.”
Shade said with greatful heart to break the silence.

Though, she was brilliant and her brilliant performance in both jamb and post utme should have given her courage and increase her hope, but yet her mind was not at rest due to high rate of corruption which is rampant in most Nigeria institutions.

The admission came in so fast as it was that same year she completed her Secondary.

This made her to be over joyous and as a result vowed to offer her dignity, her tressure she has been keeping from her boyfriend, Tunde as a form of appreciation.

She put on a seductive radiant smile as she stylishly move closer​ to Tunde, who seemed not to notice her when she was rendering her words of appreciation.

He looked away and uttered nothing despite her reactions and gesticulation towards him.
“What’s wrong now? What have I done wrong? You didn’t even say anything neither did you look at me.” She expressed her mind while looking at him confusely.

Tunde looked at her and into her eyes passionately in exchange and took a deep breathe. Then wrapped his arm across her neck. It took him some minutes before he could later expressed his mind.

“Dear, I know how much you care about me. I know how much you love me. The sacrifices you have made so as to make me live: to build the future together. Shade, I never for a second doubt the feelings. And I promise you won’t regret loving me. Trust me, I will always be there for you like you have been there for me. Since we started this relationship, we never had a minute of misunderstanding which shows how great the future of this relationship is. Thank God on your admission. Though, it’s still same school, but I’m scared.” Tunde said.

“Scared? Scared of what? Even if it were to be different schools, you should have nothing to be scared​ of. What is the fear all about?
I’m confused with your words, please.
Tunde took a deep breath again. He wished he could let cat out of the bag, but he couldn’t just do that. He looked into Shade’s eyes again and closed his eyes, then swallowed hard. He went on deep thoughts. A lot of things ran through his mind. And before he knew it, tears was already trickling down his cheeks.

His action got Shade lost. She looked at him in wonders, wondering what could have brought that. And she assumed perhaps, he thought about his parents. Then, she moved very close to him and wipe off the tears with her right palm…

[B] “I’m sorry dear. I is well with us. You have nothing to fear. I promise to always be there for you. I’m for you, and no one could replace you in my heart.”
Shade said.

Tunde heaved heavily again. He then opened his eyes gently. And he could not resist the passionate love burning in Shade’s eyes as she gazed at him at that very moment.

They both gaze heavily at each other passionately for some moment and soon, Shade moved her lips slowly towards his. And before they knew what was happening, they had already engaged in passionate kissing: kissing each other tenderly. Though, that wasn’t their first time of romancing each other, and it has never gone beyond it. But this time around, she was ready to give herself to him voluntarily, not under duress, to show her love…

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